As far as uncharted territory goes, lube would be the most out of left field thing to show up on Bloom. We’ve covered everything from himalayan salt inhalers to food allergies, but we’ve yet to touch on personal lubricant. Well, that changes today!
Meet Lubie: a locally manufactured water-based lubricant that comes in a convenient pump bottle. As you may or may not know, lube is primarily used to reduce sexual discomfort from the absence of lubrication. Plainly speaking, it’s meant to make the act easier (and better) for everyone involved. If you’re shying away from the idea of adding this to your nightstand, just remember that sexual health is still health. You gotta look out for your loins, ladies!
Being water-based, Lubie is safe to use on rubber latex condoms and sex toys (as it doesn’t run the risk of disintegrating the rubber the way silicone might). It’s also non-toxic, long-lasting, glycerin- and paraben-free, and not tested on animals. On top of all that, its packaging is also discreetly designed if you want to keep it on the DL.

But wait, there’s more! You know how we’re always on the lookout for great multipurpose finds? Well, lube just happens to be one of those. As functional as it is in the context of intercourse, we’ve found 5 other surprising uses for lube that make it even more of an essential. Scroll!


Just like hair conditioner, lube can work in place of shaving cream any day. Not only will it help you deliver a close shave without nicking your legs, it’ll also leave you with silky smooth skin free of razor burn.

If you can’t get your hands on anti-chafe cream, lube is equally effective at safeguarding you from the dreaded “chub rub.” Just apply it to the affected areas and go on with your workouts. No thigh chafing to worry about!

Ideally, pomades and hair gels should be what you reach for to tame your mane. But in a pinch, a few pumps of lube can settle your fly-aways just as well. Plus, it’ll even give your hair a healthy, glossy finish.

As it turns out, your skin can absorb water-based lube the way it absorbs lotion. So next time you find yourself dealing with extra dry hands, try this as an alternative to your go-to moisturizer.

In case you’re still getting the hang of menstrual cups (or you’re looking to give it a try), water-based lube can assist in making the process as quick and painless as possible. Simply apply the appropriate amount onto your intimate areas to help ease the cup in if you’re having trouble with it!

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