The last decade started on the heels of a lot of big changes. There was that pressure to work hard and party harder. People needed to keep up the hustle and #grind as their social media content blurred the boundaries between personal achievements and professional success. InStyle wellness writer Rachael Schultz captured this sentiment in a recent article saying, “The last decade has been all about going harder and faster all day, every day.”

We’ve seen this in recent lifestyle trends, from rigid diets like keto and Paleo to intense workout trends like spinning. The combination of high goals to meet in the workplace and the pressure to paint a perfect picture on social media has led people to burn out more frequently than ever before.

As a result, wellness experts predict that 2020 (and the decade to come) will likely focus on restoration, with people recognizing the value in slowing down as a response to the fast-paced decade the 2010s was. Without further ado, here are five trends that will redefine the field of wellness in 2020!

Fed up with diets and the insecurities that they cultivate, people are realizing that restriction is detrimental to our mental (and yes, physical!) health. Intuitive eating, a pro-health, anti-diet way of approaching food and body, has become a bit of a buzzword this past year, and is likely to become a household name in 2020.

However, it began as early as 1995, when registered dieticians Evelyn Tribole and Elise Resch noticed that their traditional approach wasn’t working – clients would often regain weight they had lost, and end up developing disordered eating behaviors on top of it. Intuitive eating is a practice that promotes the notion that you are the expert of your body, and when it comes to eating, only you know what makes you feel good. This perspective helps foster a flexible and healthy relationship with food.
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Sober curiosity is the practice of either completely cutting out or simply reducing the amount of alcohol we consume. It’s a buzzy term we think will start catching on this year, as people are becoming more mindful of wellness and health.

More and more young adults are cutting back their alcohol consumption, a practice growing so quickly in popularity that it has even led to the rise of completely alcohol-free bars in the U.S. In the local sphere, Instagram bloggers and co-founders of local brand Float Swimwear) Tracianne and Trasienne Estrada are vocal about being alcohol-free on their social media.
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Thanks to technology, there’s no need to leave the house in order to break a good sweat. Online at-home workouts are ridiculously convenient, and there’s no wonder they’re growing in popularity. They’re often easy to find, and cheap (if not free!), making fitness more accessible for those with financial or time-bound constraints!

At-home workout guides make it possible to work out at your own free time, so you are not bound to the studio’s set schedule or gym hours. Plus, you have the privacy of working out alone without having to share any equipment. It can be as quick as these bodyweight exercises that Solenn does or a 10-minute workout that burns more calories than running. Don’t forget to check out our home workouts to try depending on your fitness goals, too!

Some of our tried-and-tested favorites include FitnessBlender (for great strength training, cardio, HIIT, and Pilates videos), Yoga with Adriene, Blogilates, and Popsugar Fitness.
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Younger generations are more conscious about the environment, and we believe that the interest towards sustainability will become even more prevalent in 2020. According to Josh Axe, the natural medicine doctor and nutritionist behind Dr. Axe, “Within the next year, we can expect to see companies put more of an emphasis on sustainable products that use less resources, have minimal impact on the environment, and produce less packaging and waste.”
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As more and more public figures speak up against dieting and intentional weight loss (like actresses Camila Mendes and Jameela Jamil), body neutrality has become a bigger part of the wellness conversation. There’s a shift towards healthy behaviors (like eating vegetables and moving daily) rather than appearance-based goals.

Women are starting to protest against the oppressive demands of society and the media to look a certain way. Instead, we’re moving towards separating our self-worth from our appearance, appreciating and respecting our bodies regardless of what they look like.
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