Weight loss supplements have a bad rap, thanks in large part to late-night informercials and the lofty promises of their overeager hosts. Many claim that you (yes, you!) can eat whatever you want AND lose weight. But, unfortunately, it’s not as easy as the bikini model on the screen has led you to believe.

We too have been burned once, twice, too many times by televised marketing ploys. It’s why we eventually learned to take our information from real people (A.K.A., our customers). Here are 5 supplements they’ve proven to be effective. While we wouldn’t say they’re “miracle pills,” they will help you on your weight loss journey—provided you combine it with a healthy diet and exercise, of course. Now, are you ready for real results? Just scroll!

1. Silmina Weight Loss Capsules, P1,200
Dana, 27: “Bought this last year to kickstart my weight loss journey. Before purchasing, I did my research and came across positive comments from a number of women. I’m not a coffee addict but if you are, this product is not for you. It controlled my appetite which is a miracle since I feel hungry every two hours … I lost a few pounds with no exercise so it’s really good. The only side effect for me is that I feel sleepy after taking this.”

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2. Herbs of the Earth L-Carnitine + Weight Loss, P990
Jasmine, 23: “I bought this for my dance class paramaka-burn ng fat” daw. I think it really does the job. I have more energy during the class and less sore muscles after working out. But I combined this with high-protein diet with HIIT exercises to make it more effective since yung mga ganitong product is hindi naman magic itself … Overall, I love this L-Carnitine.”

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3. Fitique Nutrition 24-Hour Fat Burner, P1,699
Mariel, 23: “This is the first fat-burning product I used. I love how it regulates my bowel movement and greatly improved my digestion without disrupting my tummy. I also noticed that it doesn’t make me feel hungry and minded my cravings as well.”

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4. Bee Sexy Slimming Capsules, P1,200
Maria, 33: “It’s very effective. It controls my cravings and appetite. And it really made me lose a few pounds. I was really hesitant at first and doubtful of its effectiveness. But, really, I recommend these to anyone who has a hard time dieting and finding time to exercise.”

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5. Piping Rock L-Carnitine, P1,300
Marla, 29: “This product is pretty pricey but I bought it at a time I was borderline desperate to lose a bit of weight … I can’t say that this made a significant difference in terms of weight loss but I did feel more energetic when I drank it before working out and felt generally less tired after as well.”

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NOTE: Be sure to consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

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