Whether you’re plagued with perpetual dark circles, puffiness, or you know—general exhaustion—eye treatments can work wonders to revitalize skin and improve elasticity. The trick is to keep an eye out for powerhouse ingredients like de-puffing caffeine and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid. That way, you know you’re on the right track to scoring the results you want to see.

So, if you’re looking to bring life back to those tired eyes, consider these 5 miracle-workers customers swear by in the reviews. Backed by people who have taken these for a spin, read on to see why these are the best money can buy.

Laniege Water Bank Eye Gel Ex, P1,800
“…Wow! After three days of using it, there was a significant decrease in my dark circles. Now, they’re pretty much nonexistent, so much so that there are times when I don’t even need to use a concealer. Another plus factor for this product is that it helps with fine lines. I’m in my mid 30s now so this is starting to be one of my main concerns. I make sure that the products I’m using will combat the signs of aging. Though expensive, this is a HG product for me.” — Mia, 35

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The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG, P650
“I’ve been using this for how many months already and I can say it really improved my eye bag situation. I have dark under eyes (and sometimes puffy) if I’m too tired. I apply this in the AM and PM. I’ve always used concealer before for years, but since I noticed that my under eyes improved, I stopped using concealer everyday, only on special occasions. Will definitely make this my skincare staple 👏😊” — Camille, 26

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Neutriherbs Eye Gel, now on sale at P699 (limited time only)
“I love buying beauty products for my mom and this is one of them. […] I was surprised when my mom excitedly commented one night that she noticed that her puffy eye bags have improved and felt firmer after using this for only a month. It lasted for 6 months, and she requested to [have me] buy it for her again. After experimenting [with a] few eye cream/gels brands, I’m happy that she finally found the one. 😁” — Marie

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Kocostar Princess Eye Patch Gold (Single), P119
“…I always see movie stars use this before an awards night so I tried it. Followed the instruction to leave it on for 10 minutes or so and WOW it really freshens up and flattens my under eyes. It was really amazing. […] This one works like magic. You can definitely use this before a date or an interview.” — Len, 33

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Esfolio Nutri Snail Daily Eye Cream, P449
“Before I used this, my eyes [would] always look and feel tired. My eyes bags would show especially when I pull off all nighters. But now, I feel so fresh whenever I use this product. I apply it in the morning and before going to sleep. It really changed up my eye game, and my eyes don’t really feel as tired anymore. I’ve been using it for 3 months now (still not finished with the bottle) and my dark bags are definitely lighter. I also have less fine lines which is an added bonus.” — Danessa, 24

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Some reviews have been condensed for brevity and clarity.

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