If you’re convinced that your favorite celeb is perfect, that’s because they put in the work to seem that way. We’re a beauty website, so we know what that illusion entails: countless hours in the gym, expensive skincare routines, and strict diets that require a ton of self-control. We gotta hand it to our idols—that sounds exhausting. Still, we can’t help but envy (and admire!) the payoff, especially after knowing what they have to do and eat just to get their ultra slim bods!

Desperate for some #fitspiration? Let’s look to the stars. Below, a list of 5 slimming foods that celebrities swear by, and exactly how they’ll help you trim down!

WHY: Low in calories and high in fiber, the humble sweet potato has become a mainstay in idol diets. It’s considered a healthy swap for heavier carbs as its fiber + water content can leave you feeling full for longer. K-pop soloist IU once famously ate sweet potatoes everyday while prepping for a comeback!

TRY: Healthy Tropics Camote Chips (Cheese), P100, Paleovore Purple Potato Chips (100g), P120, Spud Buds Sweet Potato Shoestrings (Sea Salt), P60

WHY: We’ve tried it ourselves, and we’ll vouch: the ACV hype is all true. It contains a handy helping of probiotics that aid in digestion, detoxify your gut, and curb cravings. Supermodel Heidi Klum even has a shot of it before every meal to avoid overindulging.

TRY: Barnes Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar (Honey), P350, Bracha Apple Cider Vinegar, P178, GNC Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets, P1,039

WHY: Protein is essential to sustained weight loss, as it boosts your metabolism, builds muscle, and controls your hunger hormones. In powder form, it’s even more convenient, as you can throw it in 5-minute smoothies that your body easily converts to energy. Kylie loves her protein, and she’s definitely got the abs to show for it!

TRY: Wheyl Nutrition Co. Just Naked White Whey Protein, now on sale at P495 (limited time only), Just Clean Caramel Whey Protein, now on sale at P495 (limited time only), Just Melon Milk Whey Protein, now on sale at P495 (limited time only), Just Salted Chocolate Whey Protein, now on sale at P495 (limited time only)

WHY: Almonds are rich in fatty acids, the healthy, unsaturated fats that stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep you from munching too much. They also reduce belly fat thanks to their fiber and protein content. Lots of people, including one beloved Miss Universe, keep these creamy superfoods handy as a filling midday snack.

TRY: Manila Superfoods Raw Almonds (70g), P115, Healthy Munch Roasted Almonds (100g), P170, Seeds of Life Pure Almond Butter (200g), P350

WHY: A key ingredient in Solenn Heussaff’s go-to “Powerful Bolz” is plain rolled oats. Fiber-rich and sugar-free (unlike the processed, pre-packaged oatmeal a lot of us chow down on), rolled oats are a tasty carb that’ll keep you moving without ruining your waistline. Have ‘em with spoonfuls of peanut butter (get that healthy fats fix!) and nutrient-rich flaxseeds, as Solenn does, for that extra boost!

TRY: Veganola PH Energy Bites (Tub of 20), P280, The Green Tummy Organic Flaxseeds (140g), P150, Take Root Peanut Butter Bliss Balls, P130

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