They say that behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee. But what if even coffee is no longer enough to get you through the day? Instead of dropping major coins trying to get into other sources of external energy, it may be time to hear your body out! You could actually be suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and it can have a serious impact in the way you live.


According to the National Health Service (NHS), CFS is a condition that’s more common in women, and tends to develop between their mid-20’s to mid-40’s. So ladies, pay extra attention! If you’ve been experiencing constant or relapsing fatigue, physical exhaustion, problems with concentration, and other common CFS symptoms, it may be time to consult your doctor.

But the truth is that there haven’t been nearly enough studies as to its causes. And of course, experiences vary from person to person, so it’s especially hard to nail down. What we will say, though, is chronic fatigue is almost always linked to a person’s lifestyle and habits. Below, we’ve rounded up 5 possible reasons that could account for your chronic fatigue. Check yourself!


REASON #1: You may be drinking too much coffee.
Ever just down a cup at 3PM to beat the midday slump, only to regret it later because it keeps you wide awake ‘til the early morning? While caffeine seems like a great way to improve your energy, it may also deprive you of sleep when you actually need it. Go sleepless enough times and it’ll snowball into an incurable exhaustion. Trust us!

THE FIX: Some people have a higher tolerance for caffeine, but if you’re not squarely in that group—be sure to lessen your intake, and discipline yourself with a cut-off at noon if you have to have it. Alternatively, you can always switch your coffee out for tea. Find blends that will perk you up during the day (Earl Grey, Matcha, Oolong) and blends that will help ease you into a restful slumber later (Lavender, Chamomile).

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REASON #2: You may have developed a taste for refined sugar.
Sugar can also give you a surge of energy, but the crash afterward will leave you feeling more drained than ever. The most troublesome culprit is refined sugars. They spike your blood glucose levels, making you feel extra hungry—plus, they’re incredibly hard to process. So your body will actually end up expending more energy just trying to digest that donut.

THE FIX: Good thing guilt-free, gluten-free, and sugar-lite options for sweet treats exist! If you’re really craving sugar, might as well go for what nature gave us—fructose. All-natural fruit crisps are a great on-the-go option, as they’re free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives. You’ll be able to process them just fine in time to catch some zzz’s!

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REASON #3: You may not have created the perfect ambiance for sleep.
Whatever your living situation might be, it’s important to invest in an environment that’s conducive to sleep. You’re less likely to snooze properly if you’re surrounded by clutter, disruptive noises, and scents that won’t let you get into the right state of mind. Chaos doesn’t exactly set the mood for de-stressing, you know?

THE FIX: Introduce some calm into your space with a Himalayan salt lamp. Beyond warmly lighting your room, it also comes with a slew of health benefits. From decreasing air pollution, negative ions, and electrosmog caused by electronic devices, to alleviating asthma and allergy symptoms. But if nothing else, we’ll vouch that its soft pink-orange glow really does help increase comfort levels.

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REASON #4: You may be overloading yourself with information—even in bed.
Even though you stop checking your work emails after you clock out and tuck yourself into bed, that doesn’t mean your mind can slip into rest mode. Sometimes, just the simple act of browsing through Instagram stories or trawling Facebook will keep it wide awake. If you want to do right by your circadian rhythms, you’re gonna want to put your phone on sleep mode, too.

THE FIX: As extra insurance, use a soothing linen spray on your pillows and comforters to lull you to sleep and keep you there. Sweet and herbaceous lavender continues to be the best for restful slumbers, so opt for anything that features this scent. It also masks unwanted odors such as smoke and stale food, leaving you in a state of total bliss.

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REASON #5: You may sincerely be an insomniac.
It takes a little courage to finally admit that you’ve got a chronic problem, given that a lack of sleep seems to be the new normal in today’s work culture. But if you do need to take meds for help with rest, there’s certainly nothing shameful about that! It’s just all a matter of spotting the right treatment for you.

THE FIX: All-natural sleep aids exist so we could all sleep soundly without worrying about the risks. Drug-free supplements that contain only naturally-occurring, plant-derived ingredients can do wonders for your sleep cycle. Just pop in the recommended dose and it’s lights out!

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Whether you’re 100% guilty as charged or you’re just beginning to notice the signs, the bottom line is you can’t cheat your tiredness with some concealer and a pep talk. Put your chronic fatigue problem to sleep by making little lifestyle changes today!

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