In our corner of the world, it’s always scorching hot or pouring rain, and rarely an in between. This never bodes well for our makeup. But while the weather is out of our hands, there’s a lot we can do to protect our face paint from the elements—and apparently, Wunder2 has got all the answers. Known for their long-wearing cosmetics, the brand designs makeup that can withstand the gnarliest weather, be it heavy rain, heat, or even snow. Find out more with our five high-performance picks, below! 1. Wunder2 Prime and Behold, P1,400

To set your makeup for longevity from the start, prep your base with a good primer. This long-lasting formula locks in all types of makeup for up to 24 hours, including cosmetic glitter. (Bye-bye, fallout!) While the product consistency is incredibly lightweight, its benefits are anything but. Besides keeping makeup intact, this primer also enhances colors, prevents creasing, and leaves a glowing, holographic finish. Talk about multi-purpose!

Shop it here. 2. Wunder2 Wunderbrow, P1,600

Wanna cut your routine time in half? Spare precious minutes in the morning with this semi-permanent brow tint. It contains hair-like fibers that texturize your brows, resulting in a natural finish. Infused with Permafix Technology, the pigment adheres to your strands and skin for up to two full days. So, instead of filling in your brows every day, you’ll only need to reapply every couple of days. See it in action right here!

Shop it here. 3. Wunder2 Coverproof Foundation, P1,800

When makeup fades, foundation is usually the first to go. Fortunately, that’s never the case with this budge-proof base. Made with an innovative Tri-Plex complex, it delivers comfortable coverage that lasts up to 24 hours. No caking, smudging, or transferring. Enhanced with multiple vitamins and sodium hyaluronate, it nourishes the skin while concealing imperfections at the same time. Perfect for oily skin types!

Shop it here. 4. Wunder2 Wunderextensions Stain, P1,600

If you hate mascara but can’t commit to lash extensions, here’s a product that can meet you halfway: a semi-permanent lash stain. Who knew such a thing existed? While it is still a mascara, you won’t need to apply it more than twice a week. The specially treated pigment locks onto your lashes for up to a whopping three days! Made with a precision wand, it also that combs through every strand to create lasting length and definition. In other words: no more panda eyes.

Shop it here. 5. Wunder2 Perfect Selfie, P1,600

While primer is a pre-emptive step, setting powder is the bookend that secures everything together. Aptly named “Perfect Selfie”, this finishing powder delivers a polished, picture-perfect finish. The finely-milled particles smoothen out skin and blur the appearance of uneven texture. Made with an oil-free formula, it also absorbs excess oil to prevent it from breaking through your makeup. Just pat the powder over your problem areas, leave it to set for a few minutes, then dust off any excess. You’ll be camera-ready for hours!

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Rain or shine, the weather’s got nothing on you.

Photos by Kathy Austria.

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