If you’ve ever gone the extra mile to hide parts of your body, then you know how frustrating it can get. (Though TBH, not worth the extra stress!) But if dealing with it will bring back the pep in your step and boost your confidence, then we’re all ears for solutions that’ll face it head on. Luckily, word on the street is that V&M Naturals has just what you need to score great, even skin with the help of its potent formulas.

Each one has a unique blend of naturally nourishing ingredients that’ll enhance skin all over to make you look and feel good. So if you’re on the lookout but don’t know where to start, let us clue you in. Below, we’ve handpicked 5 promising products from V&M Naturals that’ll work wonders on areas you want to target, from your face down to your groin. Scroll to see!


TRY: V&M Naturals Brightening Love Plant Oil, now on sale at P935 (limited time only)

This stuff? Basically all you could ever want in a facial oil. So skip the concealer and treat any dullness and hyperpigmentation with this supercharged Brightening Love Plant Oil. Packed with benefits, this lightweight blend will give your face the glow up of your dreams as it brightens your face, lightens your marks, shrinks the look of pores, and boosts your skin’s elasticity. The best part? You can see major results in as little as 3 days. Glass skin, here we come.

Shop it here.


TRY: V&M Naturals CPC+G Oil (30ml), now on sale at P193 (limited time only)

With chicken skin, shadowy pits, and even foul odor, there’s a lot that can keep us from going confidently sleeveless. But instead of layering jacket after jacket or clamping your arms to your sides, you might want to give the legendary CPC+G Oil (30ml) a whirl. Made with calamansi, papaya, camellia japonica, and grapefruit extracts, the potent blend covers everything from evening out tone, soothing and deodorizing skin, fading marks, and promoting skin renewal. Something your pits will thank you for!

Shop it here.


TRY: V&M Naturals Bikini Bomb, now on sale at P266 (limited time only)

Yepp, we’re serious—the Bikini Bomb is simply the better fit for elbows and knees. Since your joints tend to get darker as dead skin piles up, something with a micro-peeling effect will do just the trick to get rid of it. Then, once older skin is out of the picture, it’ll be replaced with fresher and brighter cells that’ll take over and kick your dark patches to the curb. So long and farewell!

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TRY: V&M Naturals Exfobomb, now on sale at P277 (limited time only)

Keep your downstairs pretty and fair with an exfoliating salve that’ll illuminate skin and soften rough patches. The no-rinse emollient butter, AKA Exfobomb, is loaded with rich, lightening extracts to really amp up your glow. Just slather and slough on a layer to give your intimate areas the extra care it deserves. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us!

Shop it here.


TRY: V&M Naturals Rosehip Oil, now on sale at P1,190 (limited time only)

Be it scars, stretch marks, or other common skin concerns, count on Rosehip Oil to pull your body through. The formula itself is potent yet gentle so your skin can improve and heal in a shorter amount of time. Also, thanks to the naturally-infused Vitamin C, we’re willing to bet this’ll get your skin to look absolutely radiant, soft, and supple. Just the way we like it!

Shop it here.

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