You’re not wrong to question supplements promising clear skin and shiny hair. Why use pills and powders when you can use products you already know work miracles? Whatever your stance, prettifying supplements are increasing in popularity among wellness circles. And, as people in the wellness industry ourselves, we’re eager to know which ones are worth it. So, we’re looking to people who are constantly scoping out effective ingestibles—our customers (YOU!). Herewith, 5 of our most popular options, and why our customers love ‘em.

1. Ultra Green Coffee® CollagenPlus, P850
“I’ve tried so many kinds of coffee but this one’s the best! I’ve been drinking the Classic Ultra Green Coffee for years (for health improvement purposes) and I could really assert to the undeniable fact that it’s really good, [especially] to my health. This includes weight loss and [a] stronger working body! Now after giving this collagen flavor a try, I could give the same compliment, [though] this time, the glowing of skin added.” – Melody, 23

You already know how much we love the Ultra Green Coffee® CollagenPlus. It combines green coffee and collagen—a compound known to plump up the complexion. Plus, the mix infuses glutathione and vitamin C, two more skin-loving ingredients. When you can have your cuppa and look pretty, too? It’s a win-win situation we just cannot pass up.

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2. SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins (60 Gummies), now on sale at P1,935 (limited time only)
“I have … straight but flat hair, which is why I always look for products that will create volume to my hair. I wanted perfectly defined hair like Arci Muñoz, Loisa Andalio, Barbie Imperial and not to mention, the Kardashians … and when I saw that these vitamins are what they use, I bought it right away!!! They said that effects will show in a minimum of 3 months but in just a month, I notice that my hair grew thicker and with life. THESE VITAMINS ARE LIFE IN A BOTTLE!!!” – Kyle, 20

We now know why online influencers love SugarBearHair—and it’s not just because it’s #sponsored. A pair of bear-shaped gummies has 5,000 mg of biotin to increase hair density and prevent breakage. What’s more? It will take your nails from zero to superhero in an instant: they will be virtually bulletproof.

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3. Luxcent L-Glutathione Whitening Capsules (60 Capsules), P1,200
“Maganda [siya]. Been using this for 3 weeks now. There’s no dramatic changes yet, but I noticed subtle ones. I have not had any pimples anymore even when it’s on my period, pimple scars have faded, healthy glow and pantay na skin color! And mas affordable [siya] kesa sa ibang brands. I will surely purchase kapag naubos ko na yung [isang] bottle ko.” – Flor, 25

Luxcent’s L-Glutathione Capsules aren’t just a whitening agent—they’re an anti-aging powerhouse. Combining glutathione with ingredients to increase their potency, the capsules promise to reverse time itself. Think: wrinkles, worry lines, and the inevitable pull of gravity. And, if you’re not of age yet, they work for pesky acne marks and dry patches, too.

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4. Ishigaki Amino Classic White Capsules (60 Capsules), P1,200
“I’ve been using this for years now and I can honestly say it works for me. It lightened my complexion considerably AND gave me clearer, smoother skin. It has vitamin C but I still take a tablet of it when I take my Ishigaki capsule every morning, after breakfast. Highly recommended brand.” – Kristine, 30

Packed with antioxidants to prevent oxidative stress, this protects against UV rays and city pollution. And, thanks to vitamin C, it increases collagen production resulting in a rosy-clear complexion. If not for its prettifying purposes, you might want to consider this to increase your energy levels. Ingesting it will make you feel as lively as you look.

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5. Belo Glutathione + Collagen Capsules (30 Capsules), now on sale at P999 (limited time only)
“Used 3 bottles of this already. Taking it 2x a day. Works for me. Makes my skin really moisturized and glowing. I like the fact that I don’t get bloated using this compared to my experience with another collagen supplement … The only thing that doesn’t work for me with this product is that I get heartburn when I take this. :( Overall, I am still satisfied with the results.” – Regina, 43

Leave it to Vicky Belo to create supplements to increase your beauty from the inside out. With the powers of glutathione and collagen combined, they fight off premature aging while producing new cells to make you look younger than you actually are. It’s no wonder why it’s the No. 1 beauty supplement on our list!

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