When you have PCOS, your grocery list has to adjust accordingly. PCOS warriors have a long list of no-no foods and sugary treats that can spike insulin levels (and destablize hormones further) are some of the most harmful, so they’re usually the first to go. Now, what do you do when you’re a sweet tooth with PCOS? You can certainly try to quit sugar altogether—but, in case that’s too hard, it’s good to have options on standby.

Low-glycemic alternatives are ideal swaps because they offer sweetness without raising your blood sugar. Looking to switch out your supermarket go-to’s for something that’ll go a little easier on your hormones? See 5 of our recos, below!

TRY: Coco Dolcé 65% Dark Chocolate (100g), P220
Who can resist this all-American classic? Certainly not us when we’re PMS-ing! Too bad the typical Hershey’s bar sets you back a whopping 24g of sugar per serving. Might we suggest a darker, richer alternative? This Coco Dolcé option is 65% cacao, so you get the major endorphin boost without the head-spinning sugar rush.

Instead of NUTELLA…
TRY: Made by Maxi Almond Butter - Cacao Hazelnut (240g), P385
Ah, Nutella—a pantry essential most of us have been cozy with since childhood. Good on bread, even better by the spoonful, but ultimately terrible for our waistlines. This cacao hazelnut almond butter from Made by Maxi, on the other hand? Not only is it loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants, it’s also a ringer for everyone’s favorite chocolate spread.

Instead of LILY’S COCO JAM…
TRY: Natural Health Coconut Jam (330ml), P235
If you can’t get enough of this Filipino comfort food staple, try this cleaner alternative from Natural Health at your next merienda. Made only of pure coconut sap and coconut milk, it delivers the same satisfaction for far less sugar. It’s just as versatile, too, so you’ll love it with various kakanin, hot pandesal, or even mixed into yogurt.

TRY: Optimo Premium Cereal (34g, 5 Sachets), P128
Quaker Oats generally offer some pretty nutritious treats, but their cereal drinks tend to be syrupy sweet. Instead, we prefer energizing morning boosts that won’t make us crash by midday. For that, there’s this on-the-go breakfast drink from Optimo. Made with superfood ingredients, it’s as wholesome as a pick-me-up can get.

TRY: The Green Tummy Organic Dried Goji Berries (50g), P120
Just because raisins are dried fruit, it doesn’t mean they’re any less sugar-laden than candy. Especially when you fill up on the big supermarket stuff! So, consider quitting these Sun Maid ex-grapes and make the switch to goji berries. Packed with all essential amino acids, they help you meet your daily macros while being such an easy snack to have.

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