No doubt, the past few years have been huge for beauty. After a more eco-friendly and minimalist turn from last year, we’re thrilled to see the start of 2020 going a similar direction, placing inclusivity, experimentation, and a conscious approach into the spotlight.

As we dip our toes into the new decade, let’s take that energy and channel it into the possibilities that come with the new year. From putting under-represented communities at the forefront to a daring makeup style that’s here to stay, here are the 5 major beauty movements we’re predicting will shape the coming months and beyond.


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Ever since HBO’s Euphoria graced our screens, there’s been a rise of makeup looks artfully inspired by the popular hit series. We’re talking enchanting, sparkly, and kaleidoscopic—an aesthetic we’re more than happy to explore over the natural and nude vibe we’ve grown accustomed to. Be it a touch of glitter, a sprinkle of rhinestones, or a splash of playful color, you can bet we’re brimming with excitement for all the glam looks and amped up drama heading our way.
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Beauty marketed exclusively for women? Say no more. Now that we live in a post-Fenty era, brands are making space not just for skin tone inclusivity and gender neutrality, they’re expanding the sphere to include men in the picture, too.

According to Shakeup Cosmetics, a pioneering beauty brand for men, males have physiologically different skin concerns that need to be addressed differently from women. Apparently, testosterone stimulation can leave men with 20-25% thicker skin. They also produce much more sebum, develop larger pores, and experience harsh effects from shaving.

With brands like them around, this is the start of an age where stereotypes are challenged, toxic masculinity is left behind, and everyone can embrace the idea that it’s normal for men to feel comfortable about makeup and personal care.
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Let’s talk about that more: inclusivity. Truthfully, there’s still a long way to go if the goal is to derail the current beauty standard—which is more often than not, young and white. Now, there’s more conversation than ever about age acceptance and how terms like “anti-aging” can be hurtful for one’s mental health and perpetuates the façade that beauty is only associated with youth.

We’re anticipating that brands will follow suit and launch products with a mature audience at the front and center. And we don’t just mean ironing out fine lines and wrinkles—it also finding treatments for concerns like the hormonal changes that come with menopause.

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With the world changing at a steadily fast pace, brands are keeping up by creating products that fit the current climate. Anti-pollution formulas are on the up and could possibly be as big as sun protection. Blue light reflecting technology is another shield we’ll consider slipping into our routines. And the state of our oceans call for the industry to play their part (a.k.a “blue beauty”) and keep the well-being of our planet in mind.

While all of these things aren’t exactly new, the direction beauty is heading in will demand more. If that means thoughtful packaging, biodegradable options, and beauty giants shifting to vegan, cruelty-free, reef-safe, sustainably-sourced formulas, we’re already in a much better place.
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That said, this does leave opportunity for brands to fake their claims of being clean, natural, and eco-friendly as a way to jump on the ‘bandwagon’. Jokes on them, though—at the moment, people are more interested in being educated about greenwashing and the false impression that it could be good for us and the planet.

This mindful consumerism allows people to shop in a way that let’s them cast a vote for the world they want to live in. Supporting brands with the same values as them is one way to go about it, but so is streamlining routines and reducing consumption altogether. It won’t seem like it’s making a difference at first, but the more people do it, the more the industry is taking note.

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Looking forward to anything in 2020? Sound off in the comments!

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