It’s no secret that Dear Klairs is one of our most beloved K-beauty brands. For nearly eight years, their simple, refined, and all-natural solutions have become staples in many a skincare junkie’s top shelf. Chances are, their toner or serum probably already occupy spots in your routine, too! They’re absolute miracle-workers.

But among the brand’s handful of cult-faves, there are still products in their lineup most of us have yet to try. Below, we round up 5 underrated formulas that deserve a little more love. Don’t let these skincare gems go to waste!

1. Midnight Blue Youth Drop, now on sale at P1,256 (limited time only)

True to its name, this anti-aging night serum has an enchanting azure hue. But how did it get so blue, anyway? The answer is in one of its ten ingredients: guaiazulene, a skin-soothing compound naturally distilled from the chamomile flower. It’s jam-packed with a plethora of medicinal properties and powerful proteins that stimulate collagen production, speed up wound recovery, and delay signs of aging. If you’re looking to turn back to the clock, this definitely belongs on your shelf!

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2. Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask, now on sale at P1,128 (limited time only)

Who says that K-beauty insists on an extensive, complex routine? This lightweight cream simplifies any regimen by tripling as a day moisturizer, a sleeping pack, and a skin booster. Besides vitamin E, the product is fortified with skin-restoring, balancing, and strengthening agents like niacinamide and adenosine. Use it before bedtime and you’ll wake up to soft, smooth, and perfectly hydrated skin.

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3. Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish, now on sale at P920 (limited time only)

Some facial scrubs are way too harsh, but your skin will thank you for this sugary treat. Uniquely formulated with cranberry oil and shea butter, this ultra-cleansing exfoliator removes dead skin cells and impurities, while effectively hydrating your moisture barrier. Simply mix with water or cleansing oil, massage on your face, and rinse off with lukewarm water. Even the most sensitive skin will feel plump and pampered!

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4. Supple Preparation Lotion, now on sale at P1,112 (limited time only)

Whether you suffer from dryness or body acne, you’ll have your best skin back in no time with this vegan-friendly lotion. It’s infused with fruit, flower, and vegetable extracts that heal, restore, and nourish the skin. You don’t have to worry about feeling sticky or heavy afterwards either, thanks to its quick-absorbing consistency and grease-free finish. The hero ingredient? Hyaluronic acid.

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5. Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pads, now on sale at P272 (limited time only)

If you think that all cotton pads are equal, wait ‘til you try these! Each box comes with two types of high-quality cotton pads that have been intelligently designed to maximize the effects of your facial toner. The compressed cotton pad, made with waterjet process technology, gently exfoliates and wipes away irritants. The sponge pad, on the other hand, soaks up products and delivers full hydration to the skin. This is clear-as-day proof that Dear Klairs never skimps on quality—no matter how mundane the product may be.

Shop it here.

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