It’s been a while since we went crazy over the exquisite jade roller, and experienced its many, mystical properties—from its power to boost blood circulation and reduce puffiness, to its ability to shape facial contours and improve product absorption. Needless to say, it’s easily become a staple in our skincare rituals!

But, we’re not stopping there. There are lots of other gemstones that are built with healing and protective properties, and have been celebrated for their beauty benefits for centuries. So, if you’re looking to add a new crystal to your collection—have your pick below!


For stressed out, acne-prone skin, this lustrous crystal calms inflammation and soothes signs of irritation. It emits far infrared rays, which gently raise the surface temperature of the skin, expand your capillaries, and improve circulation.

Because amethyst carries a negative charge, it draws out dirt, toxins, and free radicals (all of which usually carry a positive charge). The result? A refreshed, renewed complexion!

Shop the Chi Beauty Amethyst Roller for P1,599 (limited time only) here.


This shiny mineral is commonly known as the master healer. It absorbs and regulates toxins and stimulates your immune system, making it an ideal healing tool for troubled, weakened, or sensitive skin.

It also promotes cellular turnover and shrinks pores. Energetically, it also promotes emotional balance and personal awareness—so if you’re feeling on the edge, you definitely need clear quartz in your life.

Shop the Chi Beauty Clear Quartz Roller for P1,599 (limited time only) here.


This dark, sable treasure is as prevailing as it looks. It reverses the effects of time, and reduces the appearances of wrinkles and fine lines. It firms up saggy areas and improves skin elasticity, giving you a natural, well-contoured look.

Black obsidian is also a stone for personal power, so if you and your skin need that extra confidence boost—then you won’t go wrong with this one.

Shop the Chi Beauty Black Obsidian Roller for P1,499 (limited time only) here.


Would you believe this stunning, pinkish-blue stone comes straight from volcanic ash? Opalite is highly energizing, and can tone and brighten fatigued complexions instantly.

It’s also known to disperse fibroids and cysts, making it one of the more effective stones for lymphatic drainage. It also has a relaxing, cooling effect, and is perfect to use during hot, humid evenings.

Shop the Chi Beauty Opalite Roller for P1,499 (limited time only) here.


Alright, we couldn’t help but throw this one in. After all, unlike your average jade roller, this one is built with jade needles, which stimulate acupressure points.

Not only does it firm up your facial muscles and release tight connective tissues, but it fights cellulite, spots, and other imperfections. If you thought that jade couldn’t get any more magical, then think again.

Shop the Chi Beauty Acu Facial Massage Roller for P1,199 (limited time only) here.

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