Yes, it’s true: Instagram is a total time-suck. But if your feed is lit up with all the right things, it could also serve as an inspiring mood board. On the health and wellness side of IG, you get: meal prep ideas, lots of #fitspo, and useful tips on walking the clean living road, among other things.

No shame, we always find ourselves looking to our favorite Instagrammers for free guidance on how to live a little healthier. Here, we’ve gathered just a few of the brands and products they love, in case you could use the nudge, too.
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The Organic Edamame Protein Pasta is packed with protein and dietary fiber, making it the perfect carb for people who want to make their calories work harder. Toss it in a creamy pesto or tangy tomato sauce and you’ll have yourself a chewy, nutritious bowl that’ll keep you full for hours!
Another star from the 7Grains lineup is the Skinny Tomato Ketchup (300g), made from only seven premium-grade ingredients. A great alternative to commercial brand ketchups, this low-calorie and low-glycemic condiment tastes a little bit like a sweet BBQ sauce—in the best way possible.

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Raw cacao nibs, while rich in antioxidants, tend to veer on the slightly bitter side. But if you really want to bring it into your diet, consider picking up Natural Health’s Cacao Nibs (Coated), which come tossed in coconut sugar. It’ll still give you all the benefits of the raw stuff, with an additional hint of sweetness.
Where pantry staples are concerned, Coconut Flour (1kg) is a great addition to your rotation if you’re looking to cut down on gluten. It’s fiber-rich, good for digestion, and can easily replace wheat flour in all your recipes. Your cakes will be a tasty as ever, but so much better for you, too.

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If you’re watching your carbs and looking to load up on healthy fats, Nuco’s coconut wraps are what you want. They’re low in calories, contain all organic ingredients, and they’re completely vegan and paleo.
The Turmeric variation is subtly flavored with the spice, which makes it pair super well with savory fillings. Meanwhile, the Cinnamon wrap come generously seasoned with the dessert staple, making it great for catching sweet stuff. (Watch us make breakfast wraps with these right here!)

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The Superfood Grocer’s Granola Chocolate Crunch is completely vegan, contains zero preservatives, and crafted in small batches to maintain their addictive crunchiness. But, hey, if you’re just here for the flavor… well, these are covered in high-quality chocolate. Need we say more?
These Chia Seeds (1/2 lb.) are not only energizing and a major source of heart-healthy omega-3’s, they’re also incredibly versatile. And with half a pound worth of the stuff, you can really have ‘em in everything—smoothies, puddings, even in chia water!
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We’re total suckers for anything cute, compact, and convenient, and Frank Green’s Original SmartCup (8oz/230ml) has all of that in spades. These alternatives to single-use containers help cut down on total waste, while being both stylish and spill-proof. We can’t think of a better companion for the eco-conscious gal!
So, which one will you be filling your feed up with first?

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