Thanks to the wonders of advertising, “gluta” has become synonymous with “whitening.” But did you know it’s good for way more than skin lightening?

If you didn’t, we’re here to fill you in. Let’s start with these 5 overlooked glutathione benefits—and FYI, it’s a list that just keeps growing.


Antioxidants protect our bodies from potential harm caused by free radicals, which are known to damage our cells. That means glutathione, itself a naturally occurring “master antioxidant,” puts a significant pep in our step.
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Studies show that with age comes a dip in our bodies’ natural capacity to produce glutathione. This leaves us vulnerable to age-related health issues. Luckily, supplemental glutathione is easy enough to come by, which means keeping our aging troubles at bay.
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Glutathione is crucial for detoxification in the liver, which cleanses your body of toxins from food, environment, and other factors. Glutathione binds itself to these toxins, getting them out faster than you can say, “I’m going on a lemon water diet to detox.”
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Glutathione is a major player in keeping your internal functions perfectly in check. On top of its antioxidant capacities, it also enhances and optimizes your immune system. Next time you feel a surge of energy and a stronger resistance against bad juju, you can thank glutathione.
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While there’s no shortage of people lauding glutathione for its whitening capacities, it doesn’t get enough love for its spot-brightening effects. While we can all agree that light skin isn’t everyone’s goal, clear skin that’s free of dark marks and blemishes is always welcome.
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