Sunscreen is a must every day of the year (even overcast days!), but the prickling summer heat makes it as vital as water. After all, on top of protecting you against UV rays, it’s also an age-defying skin transformer. So it’s really no wonder there’s such a wide range of options on the SPF market. That is, of course, unless your skin is ultra sensitive.

By sensitive, we don’t just mean the usual slew of polarizing ingredients. We mean skin that’s sensitive to everything—from the most subtle of scents down to the barest of dyes. Thankfully, brands like VMV Hypoallergenics know this struggle well, so they’ve dedicated themselves to formulas allergy-prone skin will love.

In other words: rejoice, sensitive skin types! This one’s for you. The iconic VMV Armada line of gentle sunscreens will give you all the sun protection you need, without compromising your pelt. Start with these 5 skin-friendly options!

1. Armada Face Cover 30
Medium-weight, creamy, and antioxidant-rich, this sunscreen gives you the standard SPF 30 and then some. Believe it or not, it helps lighten dark spots with regular use! If you’re a makeup user, you’ll love how this holds up as a makeup base, too. It’s neither greasy nor sticky, so you won’t have to worry about your hard work melting off.

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2. Armada Face & Body Shield 60
This lightweight SPF 60 option makes sure you get that top-to-toe protection. Its formula is also non-greasy, so wearing it all over, even under beaming sun rays, will be as comfortable as wearing nothing at all.

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3. Armada Post-Procedure Barrier Cream 50+
Post-facial, your skin tends to be hypersensitive and tender to the touch. So to help its recovery along, reach for this soothing cream. Not only does it have all the perks of SPF, its formula is ultra nourishing and antibacterial, too.

4. Armada Sport 70
This sunblock has a unique barrier-film that helps it stay on even underwater. And let’s have a round of applause for its whopping SPF 70 count! This makes it a friend to both athletes training in heat and wet, as well as leisurely beach-goers looking for a healthy dose of sun.

5. Armada Baby 50+
Baby skin is as sensitive as can be, so you’ll want to be extra, extra careful with it. For SPF, play it safe by going for kid-friendly products like this one, specifically designed for babies. But don’t think that it’s not as potent just because it’s mild—this sunscreen packs an impressive SPF 50. Bonus points for the fact that mommy can wear it, too!