When it comes to trends for the new year, you’ll want to be as ready as possible for what’s to come. Gotta stay ahead of the curve, right? Plus, sniffing out the rising stars gives you plenty to be excited about—especially when what you’re smelling is yummy food.

Just before 2018 came to a close, Whole Foods dropped their predictions for the biggest food trends in the year to come. The American supermarket chain was right about super powders, better-for-you pasta, and even freeze-dried treats, so of course we’re paying attention.

So what do these true-blue tastemakers foresee for 2019, and should you be taking note for future grocery runs? Below, we pick out just 5 food trends we’re looking forward to the most—some from their list and some from our own. See if they tickle your tastebuds!

1. PACIFIC RIM FLAVORS Lucky for Filipinos, we’ve been experimenting with pacific rim flavors in our cuisine since forever, so you’re likely to have developed a taste for it already. Think pungent bagoong with your kare-kare or juicy dragon fruit during the sweltering summer. We’re certainly hyped for Pinoy breakfast staple longganisa to go global!

TRY: Lakanto Monkfruit Classic Sweetener, P650, Native Gourmet Bagoong Original (8oz), P185, Oh So Healthy Guava Purple Yam Banana Fruit Crisps, P95, Philippine Pure Dragon Fruit Powder (125g), P220

2. GUT-FRIENDLY FERMENTED FOODS Wellness buffs have been buzzing about gut-friendly goods for years, raving about everything from kombucha to ACV. Suffice to say, probiotics are less a food trend and more a dietary necessity. In 2019, the probiotic-deficient among us will have it a little easier, with shelf-stable options and gut health-boosting pantry staples becoming more accessible.

TRY: Oh So Healthy Kimchi Crisps (50g), P110, Whisk Paleo Apple Cider + Raw Honey (325ml), P350, Chili Asylum Hot Pickled Peppers, P350, Native Gourmet Organic Vinegar Sukang Iloko Original With Chili Pepper (500ml), P175

3. PLANT-BASED PROTEINS As the vegan movement continues to rise, we’re treated to more and more plant-based alternatives for our favorite foods. Our shopping lists have seen a few worthy swaps, like almond milk, coconut butter, and even organic coconut wraps. Protein is a little harder to come by when you’re swearing off animal products—but thankfully, vegan protein bars and supplements are on the rise, too. It doesn’t all have to be nuts and seeds!

TRY: The Healthy Grocery Recovery Protein, P1,649, Hammer Nutrition Strawberry Vegan Protein Tub (24 Servings), P2,800, The Superfood Grocer Vegan Pea Protein Powder (1 lb / 454g), P900, Sunwarrior Classic Plus Organic Sprouted & Fermented Plant-Based Protein in Chocolate (15 Servings Tub), P1,449 (limited time only), Roarganics Pure Brown Rice Protein (250g), P750

4. HEALTHY / ALTERNATIVE FATS Buzzy diets like keto and paleo have helped turn the tide around on fat, so now we know better: fats are friends, not foes. Healthy fats are a good source of energy and anti-inflammatories, which are great safeguards against a number of issues. And because they’re at the forefront of wellness pushes, you can expect plenty more “phat fats” (as coined by Whole Foods) to show up wherever you might need ‘em this year.

TRY: Laurin Coco MCT Oil (150ml), P250, SOZO Natural MCT Oil MCT Oil, P880, Primal Kitchen Mayo with Avocado Oil, P540, Farm to Folk Organic Chili in Olive Oil, P170, Farm to Folk Organic Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (500ml), P500, The Unbakery Toasted Coconut Butter (500ml), P350

5. MEAT-LESS “MEAT” & SEA SNACKS If you have to have meat, it’s good in moderation—but too much of the stuff can spike cholesterol levels and clog your arteries. So if you’re looking to cut back but you feel like you’ll miss its umami too much, get a load of meatless “meat.” Crispy, savory mushroom-based chicharon serve plenty of flavor without the risk, while snacks straight from the sea might make you not want to come up for air.

TRY: Ja Lees Farms Mushroom Chicharon Mushroom Chicharon Hickory Barbecue Flavor (200g), P320, Mushroom Republic’s Crispy Mushrooms (120g), P130 (limited time only), Seleco Tom Yum Nori Crispy Seaweed, P72, Vegetari Healthy Bites Seacharon, P225, Kimnori Korean Crispy Seaweed Chili Flavor (40g), P110

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