Since acne is as common as skin issues can get, the acne-prone among us know to avoid oil whenever we can. After all, the oilier our skin gets, the more likely it is to become a breeding ground for breakouts. And when we’re out of luck, those same breakouts could graduate into extra stubborn scars and dark spots. All because of some excess sebum!

So, the idea that facial oils could lead to a smoother, more radiant complexion might (understandably) raise some eyebrows. But hear us out: beauty oils exist to save your skin, and we’d say they’re worth the trial. Once you find the right blend that can erase all traces of a pimple long-gone, oils will become your new essential. Look, we’ve even rounded up 5 customer favorites that prove it!

1. Tita Sunshine Sunflower Beauty Oil, P480

WHY IT WORKS: A soothing blend of lavender essential oil and uniquely cosmetic-grade sunflower oil, this versatile miracle-worker is loaded with anti-inflammatories that help heal damaged, uneven skin.

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY: “It’s not sticky and it absorbs easily. My skin feels more hydrated and softer after using this beauty oil!” —Armie, 38

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2. Leiania House of Beauty Tamanu Oil With Calendula Herbs, P200

WHY IT WORKS: Rich in antioxidants, tamanu oil is famous for its ability to speed up skin regeneration, to lighten stubborn scars and dark spots, and to rehydrate dry skin.

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY: “After just one use (putting it on my pimples as spot treatment), I noticed that they vanished, and mind you, even the cystic ones! After continuous usage also, I noticed that my pimple scars start fading.” —Grace, 29

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3. The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane, P730

WHY IT WORKS: Over time, our body’s natural reserves of squalene depletes, making it harder for our skin to restore itself. Thankfully, plant sources of this essential lipid exist, and may be applied topically to treat hyperpigmentation.

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY: “I got introduced to this because I recently suffered from fungal acne. I love how it makes my skin smooth and glassy!” —Jean, 22

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4. Beaublends 100% Pure & Natural Rosehip Oil (40ml), P400

WHY IT WORKS: Packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and scar-reducing linoleic acid, rosehip oil is commonly used to treat dark spots, flaky skin, and any marks left over from wounds or breakouts.

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY: “It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and I swear my classmates are complimenting me that my skin looks healthy and glowing and the spots are reducing.” —Joanna, 16

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5. V&M Naturals Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil (30ml), P1,470 (limited time only)

WHY IT WORKS: Fast-absorbing and incredibly versatile, emu oil can effectively heal scars thanks to its capacity to break down old and new scar tissue from the inside-out.

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY: “THIS IS THE BEST OIL FOR DARK SPOTS. The bottle goes a long way. It lasted me for about 8 months and it really lightens dark spots with continuous use.” —Krishamil, 20

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