By this time of the year, our beauty routine has become a bore—repetitive, predictable, and uninspired. But before you dramatically cry out, “I have nothing to wear,” we’ve rounded up five new beauty trends for a much-needed jolt of creative inspiration! Whichever you decide to recreate, these up-and-coming looks will pull you out of the monotony in a pinch.


Color contouring first emerged during the ‘80s’ age of excess. Today, it’s evolved into the most subdued look of them all—thanks to the iconic makeup artist Way Bandy, who popularized this brand-spankin’-new way to use our blush! Just sweep it temple-to-cheek for a natural-looking sculpt. Here, Isabelle Daza pays homage to the trend with a punchy peach swept over her lips, lids, and cheeks.

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The technique requires only one color, but still gives the visage a lift by enhancing the cheekbones. Just look at Sarah Lahbati!


Rimming the eyes with a kohl pencil brings back memories of a rebellious adolescence. But this time, the edgy look is balanced out with friendlier elements. Tricia Centenera, for example, pairs it with a golden tan and a classic MLBB.

But if you want to maintain your girl-next-door vibe, no one embodies the look better than the gorgeous Patti Grandidge. The subtlest touch of color takes her look from meh to mesmerizing!


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This season, a slew of celebrities are dipping their toes into the world of dark, inky lips. It’s not for the faint of heart, but seeing it on the stars is giving us a boost of much-needed beauty courage. Solenn Heussaff is the raw embodiment of the -ber months in a slick of black lip paint and fall-colored ensemble.

Maxene Magalona takes it to new heights with a jet-black pout, but balances it out with a fresh, luminous complexion. If you’re still hesitant to give it a go, test the waters with a flattering greige lipstick instead!


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Glitter can go one of two ways: it can make you look like an arts-and-crafts project or illuminate you supernatural. Jessy Mendiola achieves the perfect balance with champagne shimmer in the inner corner of each eye. It illuminates her face and draws attention to her chocolate-brown eyes.

Max Collins, on the other hand, restricts it to the top of her cheekbones. The touch of glamour brings an understated romance to her look, as well as emphasizes her cherub-pink cheeks.


If you want to rock beach-babe waves all the way to the year’s end, achieve twice the impact by channelling Veronica Lake’s glamorous cascade of “S-Wave”. Iza Calzado adds a modern touch with a flattering middle part.

And Anne Curtis is a look all on her own. We’ll call it “Surfer Chic.”

Photos via Instagram: @isabelledaza, @sarahlahbati, @triciacentenera, @pattigrand, @robbiepinera, @maxenemagalona, @marbentalanay, @maxcollinsofficial, @iamantoniopapa, @annecurtissmith