With decades of experience and expertise, Agoo Bengzon is the ultimate guru when it comes to all things beauty. And guess what? She also happens to be Bloom’s newest contributor! Here’s a first look at all the wisdom she’s got under her sleeves. From skincare to haircare, see Agoo’s best beauty secrets revealed, below!

It’s easy to see why this happens. There are times when you’re just way too tired to bother removing your makeup, and your bed just looks way too tempting. Truth is, not removing your makeup before hitting the sack almost always results in clogged pores, or worse… pimples! If you make the task less time-consuming though, it may not feel like such a chore anymore.
An easy wash-off solution like Pond’s’ Washable Cold Cream removes dirt, excess oil, and makeup effortlessly, and is also armed with witch hazel extract so that skin isn’t left feeling dry or tight afterwards. No wonder it’s the number one moisturizing cream cleanser in Japan!

Shop it here for P499.

When it comes to foundation, it really is true: less is always more. Piling on the foundation is never a good idea because it often leaves you with a mask-like appearance that adds years to your face.
Opt for a sheer foundation instead. Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation+Concealer is a fave because it successfully covers minor imperfections (and dark circles too), but still manages to look natural enough under any light.

Shop it here for P2,150.

In the 90s, matte makeup was king and women wore it everywhere: eyes, cheeks, lips and skin. Fast forward to today, and it’s still a fave finish, especially for Pinays who are forever worried about their faces greasing up in Manila’s perpetually humid weather. The new way to use matte? Strategically.
You can stay immaculately matte only on the areas that matter (think T-zone), but you also ought to add sheen and dimension to the rest of your face with the help of a highlighter like Pop Beauty’s Prismatic Pop Illuminating Powder in Stellar Light. It’s important to add luminosity to areas like the top of the cheekbones, tip of the nose and chin, as the reflection of light onto these areas helps lend a softer, more natural appearance to one’s face.

Shop it here for P695.

If you’re wondering why your hair has been limp all this time, then it may be time to tweak your hair cleansing regimen. Often times, there’s a tendency to bombard strands with a really heavy hair conditioner all over, and this is where the problem lies—conditioner applied too close to the roots will weigh your hair down.
Stick to the ends instead, as these parts are what need hydration and repair the most, and leave the scalp free from product buildup. We’re fans of Tresemme’s Platinum Strength Hair Conditioner, which is designed to repair even the most abused locks.

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Reminder to one’s self: the ultra-thin brow trend will never come back, so set those tweezers aside, and give those brows some breathing space. Ask any makeup artist which feature can make or break your look, and they’re guaranteed to say: “Your brows!”
Novo Cosmetics’ Eyebrow Stamp Set is a genius invention that’s perfect for makeup beginners, and is great for covering up arches that lack length and density.

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Video by Kat Echon.

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