Like any beauty junkie, we’re always searching far and wide for the best in skincare. That means giving everything a shot, even super weird formulas we didn’t think would be, well, super. Korean brand Rorec knows this well, which makes them the perfect resource for offbeat skincare ingredients. Their face masks contain unexpected flora and foodstuffs—but you know what? They get the job done. Below, learn about the benefits of monggo, sakura, and more!


Just like the humble malunggay, the mung bean (also known as monggo) is able to heal your skin. Effective against hyperpigmentation, clogged pores, and redness, it’s a bonafide superfood for the zit-ridden.

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Olive oil gets a lot of coverage as a top-tier skin-saver. But after some digging, we found out that the olive fruit itself deserves its own fan club. Packed with nourishing properties, olives are rich in antioxidants and powerful against pollutants. Translation: say hello to your new anti-ager.

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Ever wonder why your skin looks better post-beach? It’s the seaweed in the water. No, really! Along with its sister wives sea kelp and algae, seaweed is ultra hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and vitamin-rich. This means it’s a godsend for irritated, unbalanced skin.

TRY: Rorec Nourishing Seaweed Facial Mask, P285 for a box of 6


Known as sakura in Japan, cherry blossoms offer a surprising number of skin benefits. When distilled into an extract, they can promote collagen production, even when applied topically as opposed to being ingested. This makes them a regenerative, glow-boosting staple when tempering the signs of premature aging. Talk about a spring awakening!

TRY: Rorec Nourishing Cherry Blossom Facial Mask, P285 for a box of 6

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