We’re guessing your first brush with aloe vera was probably your mom using it as an after-sun salve. But this natural healer goes way beyond sunburn. Known as the “plant of life,” aloe vera’s skin-soothing properties work wonders on breakouts. It won’t cure your pimples per se, but it will minimize irritations that often accompany acne. Granted you’re absolutely diligent with usage, it eventually leads to a clearer, calmer complexion.

Cool? Cool. Below, find four ways to zap those zits with aloe vera skincare. You can thank Esfolio for these formulas!
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When your skin is peppered with angry acne, a harsh cleanser will do more harm than good. Switch out your usual for an aloe-infused foam, which is gentler on the skin. This comforting wash relieves irritation and flushes out deep-seated debris.

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Acne-prone faces are often excessively oily. And using a thick moisturizer will lead to even more grease! That’s where aloe vera gel comes in. This 100% pure formula is the perfect hydrator for troubled skin. Why? Its weightless consistency provides deep moisture and noticeably calms pimples—all without triggering your oil glands.

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Acne treatments will often dry out your skin, resulting in flaky pimples and uncomfortable peeling. Starting to feel a little itchy? Nothing an aloe vera mist can’t fix. Made with aloe leaf juice, this particular mist showers the skin with hydration and absorbs super fast. Expect less redness and reduced dryness in a couple sprays.

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Redness and swelling are basically a given in the world of acne. Unfortunately, this inflammation only stresses out your skin further. To speed up healing, treat troubled areas with a cooling hydrogel mask. Steeped in aloe vera essence, this jelly-like sheet will help soothe and shrink those bright red bumps. Like we always say, mask and you shall receive!

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Buh-bye, blemishes—aloe, flawless!

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