There’s a common saying in the beauty community that skin can develop an immunity to products over time. After doing our own research, it seems there are mixed answers on whether or not this is a myth. But one thing’s for sure: it’s still helpful to switch up your routine as needed.

With that in mind, we rounded up 4 types of moisturizers you can rotate in your regimen. As your skin evolves with age or responds to external factors, its hydration needs will likely change with it. Here’s how you can keep up. Scroll!

WHEN TO USE IT: As your go-to daily moisturizer or on sensitive, irritable days TRY: Wildleaf Hibiscus Face Cream, P990

Everyone needs a go-to, everyday moisturizer and this local fan favorite should be at the top of your wishlist. It’s the perfect balance of hydrating, calming, anti-aging, and oil-controlling. Its hibiscus ingredient is naturally loaded with AHAs to boost cellular production, while its rich content of antioxidants also keeps skin at peak health. Plus, it’s neither too light or too heavy. Win-win!

Shop it here.

WHEN TO USE IT: During the daytime on the hottest months of the year
TRY: COSRX Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion, P1,040

For daytime use, a lightweight formula is always the better option. It’ll keep your skin moisturized without feeling too heavy under the heat and is less likely to clog pores, especially if you’re wearing additional layers of makeup. This particular product is more of a facial lotion than a cream. Its thin consistency absorbs quickly into the skin, retains moisture for hours, and won’t grease up thanks to its oil-free formula.

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WHEN TO USE IT: During breakouts or period week
TRY: Some by Mi AHA, BHA, PHA Tea Tree 30 Days Miracle Cream, now on sale at P890 (limited time only)

When your skin is in the middle of a flare-up (or about to break into one), an anti-acne moisturizer can help keep the inflammation in check. This top-rated cream contains a trio of antibacterial ingredients, namely tea tree oil, centella asiatica, and lavender. Combined, they cover all the bases. They reduce redness, calm active pimples, and kill acne-causing bacteria.

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WHEN TO USE IT: When your skin is extra dry, dull, or damaged
TRY: V&M Naturals Karanja Oil, now on sale at P1,190 (limited time only)

No matter what your skin type, every one experiences bumps in dryness or dullness at certain points of the year. This can be caused by multiple things—fluctuating weather changes, hormones, inconsistent care, external damage, or simply just natural changes in your skin. For a fast-acting fix, you can’t go wrong with a nourishing facial oil. Native to India, this Karanja oil formula is cold-pressed from the seeds of the Pongam Oil Tree. When used in skincare, it acts as a moisturizer, antiseptic, and natural UV filter all at once.

Shop it here.

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