We’ll always advocate for a healthy combo of diet and exercise as the key to slimming down and boosting your energy levels. But sometimes, nutritional supplements are just what you need to get to the next level of your wellness journey. Enter Fitique Nutrition, a lifestyle brand that offers high-quality supplements just for the ladies. They aim to transform our overall well-being by addressing some common health issues among women. Whether this means helping us banish bloating, trim excess fat, or improve energy, Fitique is here to make self-improvement a little easier for us.

So, what exactly do these multi-colored capsules do and can they actually give us flatter bellies? Here’s what you need to know!

1. Fitique Nutrition Frock Rocker, P1,699 This potent fat-burning pill contains ginger, milk thistle, and choline, which promotes the body’s use of fat for energy. This inevitably leads to muscle definition. It also helps you de-bloat by removing excess fluids.

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2. Fitique Nutrition Skinny Me 24-Hour Fat Burner, P1,699 This one maximizes fat loss by working with your body’s natural day-and-night rhythms. It aims to enhance metabolism, minimize cravings, and increase energy to allow for more rigorous workouts.

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3. Fitique Nutrition Go Girl Detox, P1,399 This detoxifying capsule quickly cleanses the body of harmful toxins, aids in de-bloating by decreasing water retention, and fast-tracks weight loss by boosting your metabolism.

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4. Fitique Nutrition Tummy Tuck, P1,399 This herbal diuretic helps combat the uncomfortable effects of your monthly cycle by restoring water balance, reducing bloating, and preventing fatigue. As a bonus, it also helps with muscle toning.

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The Fitique Nutrition Frock Rocker, Skinny Me 24-Hour Fat Burner, Go Girl Detox, and Tummy Tuck are available on BeautyMNL now. Shop them right here!

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Photos via Instagram: @fitiquenutritionph

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