Our skin is a reflection of what we eat. When we eat well, our skin looks more supple, and there’s a certain lit-from-within glow on our faces. And when we eat poorly, the opposite applies—we’re more prone to breakouts and other skin issues.

For the most part, we’d like to think we’re pretty good about what we put in our mouths. But, let’s be real: we’re only human; our eating habits fall short every once in a while, even in spite of our efforts.

Which is where skin vitamins come in handy.
The average formula is packed with ingredients like collagen, glutathione, and vitamin C to help you achieve optimal skin health. These will help fill in any nutritional gaps, plus leave you with a beautiful, glowing complexion.

Of course, this doesn’t make choosing which skin vitamin you should be taking any easier. To help you make a decision, we enlisted the help of our customers. Below, we listed 4 of their top picks. Scroll ahead to see them!

1. Herbs of the Earth Reveal Age Defying (60 Capsules), now on sale at P981 (limited time only)
Alexandré, 22, Oily Skin: “I have hormonal acne so I get breakouts on my chin and forehead. These pills did a pretty good job for me, preventing more pimples from popping up. I’d say these worked just like the AcneCare pills, in terms of treating pimples. Also noticed how [glow-y] my skin was. My pores were less noticeable[,] too.…”

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2. Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta 1000 - Reduced L-Glutathione Complex (60 Capsules), now on sale at P891 (limited time only)
Karla, Oily Skin, 22: “I absolutely love this product. It really worked for me even though I was only taking one capsule per day. A lot of people noticed that I’m sporting a lighter complexion. No negative side effects for me. This is the best brand of gluta … Really effective but not too pricey!”

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3. Relumins Thio-Glow Chewable Dissolvable Glutathione Complex With Biotin, now on sale at P2,159 (limited time only)
Donnie, Sensitive Skin, 36: “This … is a magic pill for me … literally speaking[,] the taste is like [Flintstone Chewables] … But the effect is amazing!!! [My] nails [look] pinkish, [and] my hair and skin became smooth and soft…”

Shop it right here.

4. Opulence Nutrawhite L-Glutathione with NAC and Vitamin C, P1,399
Maria, Oily Skin, 41: “… This is a dietary supplement for brighter, [younger-looking] [,] and pinkish skin. I love how it helps to boost immune system as well … This is more than a whitening supplement as it helps detoxify your body [and] helps you sleep soundly. [This] is definitely a [must-have] supplement in my life…”

Shop it right here.

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