You know the dreaded feeling: you’re bloated, heavy, and backed up. It’s been days, and every trip to the toilet remains a futile attempt. And when something does come out? The, erm, fruits of your labor are… less than satisfactory. The end product is very hard (making it painful to release), or just really tiny. Unceremoniously and anticlimactically so. You look back into the toilet before you flush, see a couple little goat-poop pellets and think, “That’s it?!”

You’re constipated! Fret not, you aren’t alone—odds are, most of us have been there. And whether you’re chronically constipated or simply frustrated over not being able to poop regularly, we get it—it’s a hassle.


So, how do you know when your pooping schedule is abnormally slow? Several experts have stated that when it comes to number two, there is no such thing as a “normal” schedule. However, “regular” frequencies could be up to thrice daily, or just once every other day. It’s considered constipation when you are pooping two times (or less) on a weekly basis.

If this sounds like you, it might be because you’re not consuming enough fiber in your diet, and not drinking enough water. It’s also possible that you’re too stressed to go. According to WebMD, “When your brain’s stress response systems get flipped on, it causes changes in your body. The digestive system is especially sensitive to stress, and constipation can be one response.” Changes in your hormones may also lead to a temporary bout of constipation.


In order to facilitate healthy digestion, your body needs a lot of fiber: women need 21-25 grams a day, while men need 30-38. When you consume dietary fiber from plants, it passes through your body and makes pooping more effortless. Fiber also supports digestive health, fuels healthy gut bacteria, and adds bulk to stool (so it moves through your system easily).

While fiber is crucial to ensuring a more regular poop schedule, it’s best to get your daily intake through the food you eat rather than supplements. Make sure you’re eating a largely plant-based diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It’s best to consume foods that are nutrient-dense and naturally have a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Nutrient-dense foods contribute to overall health, and a functioning digestive system is one of the outcomes of that. They also tend to be higher in fiber than their more processed counterparts. If you continue to consume nutrient dense snacks, your digestion will likely improve.


Sometimes, you might also be eating too much of certain things that contribute to obstructed bowels. Take notice of the foods that don’t make you feel good. In particular, foods that are fried, fatty, greasy, and overly processed tend to be the culprit when it comes to constipation. Alcohol, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners in sugar-free snacks or diet drinks can also lead to backed-up bowels. Some people are also sensitive to otherwise innocuous, natural foods, like spicy dishes, or dairy products, so check in with yourself; you may unwittingly be intolerant.

Processed foods may be fun to eat at times, but they are often low in fiber. Balance is key! Do enjoy chips and desserts once in a while, so you don’t feel deprived. But if you’re struggling with pooping regularly, also remember to eat foods that will help your digestion move along.

Luckily, these four healthy, fiber-rich snacks might be able to aid in better digestion. These plant-based, nutrient-dense munchies are not only delicious, they could also help get you going, if you know what we mean. As an added plus, most of these snacks are vegan-friendly for our BeautyMNL vegans!

No poop? No problem. Here are snacks that are convenient to snack on when you need an energy boost.

1. Founding Farmers Salted Edamame, P80
The beloved beans are so yummy as appetizers at Japanese restaurants, but Founding Farmers makes it easy to have edamame whenever you are, whenever you want. A pack of Founding Farmers Salted Edamame contains 7 grams of fiber, a lot of iron and calcium, and healthy polyunsaturated fats to keep you satisfied for longer. Plus, the packaging is resealable, so you can grab a handful when you’re hungry and then save the rest for later. And you’ll definitely want to snack on these throughout the day—soybeans are known to be high in vitamins, minerals, and the key ingredient to a good dump: FIBER. They’re also a great source of whole protein, as they contain all the essential amino acids.

2. Vegetari Chichashroom, now on sale for P200 (limited time only)
Vegetari’s description on our site says it all—Chichashrooms are “a crispy, savory, and healthier mushroom-based version of the all-time favorite Filipino snack chicharon.” This vegan-friendly, gluten-free alternative to chicharon contains zero artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors—additives that may otherwise hinder healthy digestion. The entire bag contains a total of 6 grams of dietary fiber! Chichashrooms are made of shiitake mushrooms, which are great for your immune system and heart health, too.

3. Take Root Kale Chips Vegan Cheeze, P220
These nutrient-dense chips are made of all-natural ingredients. Take Root’s kale is pesticide-free and locally sourced. Chips are great, but sadly for our colons, greasy and oily foods can contribute to constipation. Luckily, these kale chips aren’t baked or fried—instead, they’re dried at a low temperature. As a result, these bad boys (good guys?) don’t have the same greasiness or oiliness that other chips have. Additionally, a pack of Take Root’s Kale Cheeze chips has 14 grams of protein and over 10 grams of fiber. Rich in vitamins and minerals, these snacks are bound to help your digestive system and aid in your overall health.

4. Whisk Radish Strips, now on sale for P126 (limited time only)
Whisk takes freshly harvested veggies and vacuum-fries them immediately in order to retain freshness and lower the possibility of carcinogens being present. These are made of green radish, a great source of Vitamin C and minerals like magnesium, nicacin, zinc (and so much more). Because it’s high in fiber and low in fat, green radish is known to help speed along a slow digestion. It’s an ingredient often used in Asian cuisines, and is popular in Chinese recipes. A pack contains 40 grams of green radish.


Hopefully, swapping out some of your more processed chips for these plant-based snacks will bump up your dietary fiber intake and help you poop better! Also, remember to drink lots of water. The more fiber you eat, the more water your body needs in order for things to be processed efficiently. Who says a high-fiber diet has to be boring? These treats definitely have us excited for snack time. (And hopefully, a productive trip to the bathroom later on.)

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