We’re sure you’ve gotten the memo: sugary drinks are bad for your weight loss goals! But cutting sugar out of your diet is easier said than done, especially when you love a good Starbucks latte.

Luckily, not all drinks are no-nos. The best ones, in fact, can actually help you lose weight. They might not be as sweet as you’re used to (they might not be sweet at all), but they’re certainly better for your health. When you’re craving something jazzier than plain H2O, here are 4 instant drinks to reach for. Just add water and stir!


Beyond providing a jolt of energy, this sweet, greenish coffee can also speed up the metabolism. It contains a compound called chlorogenic acid that’s been shown to promote weight loss. As a matter of fact, we have the proof right here.

TRY: Ultra Green Coffee, P500. Shop it here.


Antioxidant-rich green tea has so many health benefits, you’re doing your body a world of good whenever you drink it. It burns fat, suppresses the appetite, gives you energy, and even clears up your skin. Score! We love matcha green tea, in particular, because of its smooth, rich (albeit bitter) flavor. Brew one cup a day for maintenance.

TRY: Manila Foods Pure Matcha Green Tea, P250. Shop it here.


You already know the benefits of green tea. But if you want to take it to the next level, a detoxifying tea blend is your best bet. Leptin’s version contains green tea, yerba mate leaf, lime leaf, lotus leaf, dandelion leaf, rhubarb root, and goji berries. This blend is specifically formulated to metabolize fat. Paired with regular exercise and not too much bingeing, it can increase the potential for fat loss in as little as a month.

TRY: Leptin TeaTox Morning Boost 28-Day TeaTox, P1,200. Shop it here.


Drinking lemon water daily is a religious ritual for those looking to lose weight. It helps you feel full faster, and as a result, consume less calories. Added benefits of putting lemon slices in your water: your drinks will taste delicious, you’ll flush out more toxins, and your pH level will balance out. Now that’s what we call sweet! Try the portable, knifeless version with packets of pure, crystallized lemon dust you can keep in your purse.

TRY: True Lemon (12 Packets), P160. Shop it here.

What do you drink to shave off the pounds? Leave us your suggestions in the comments section!

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