Just to be clear: you don’t need makeup to feel beautiful. (There’s a reason why we always greet you the same way!) No matter what’s on your face, all we want is for you to walk out the door, every single day, feeling like your best self. Naturally, we’re for whatever that means for you! For some, like the girls at the BeautyMNL HQ, that means popping on their favorite lipstick or adding a healthy flush to the cheeks.

It sounds like such a simple trick, but it works! So, to back this up, we asked 4 people from the office to share their thoughts—what’s their makeup go-to for bumping self-confidence? You’ll have to scroll to find out!

1. Benefit Benetint, P1,900 Before, people used to tell me that my face was so white, I look like a snowball, and my face was so round. So, what I decided to do instead of focusing on skincare, I wanted to bring color to my face. I’m a huge fan of the sun-kissed look because I love going to beaches, [and] this does just that. I dab a little bit on my cheeks, on my nose area, and just dab it everywhere and it makes me look happy. It makes me look healthier, I think! And yeah, just like beaming with love for myself lol #SELFLOVE. So yeah, this makes me feel a lot more confident when I go out. I don’t look as dead even [after] nights when I don’t get to sleep a lot. Instead of concealer, I’ll use this to brighten up my face.” — Yasmeen

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2. Sunnies Face Fluffmate in Girl Crush, P345 On days when I wake up and don’t feel great, sometimes all it takes for me is to put this lipstick on and it instantly changes my mood. I start my day on a better note because of that. I’m not someone who uses makeup a lot, so I don’t really… know how… to use it? I guess? But all it takes with this one is just—I open it, I swipe, and I’m done. It always leaves a nice stain and it’s so flexible for me. Like am I gonna go out? Am I gonna go to work? I don’t know! I can use it anytime, anywhere.” — Maia

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3. V&M Naturals Silk Serum Foundation in Hazelnut, P850, and the Heimish Artless Glow Base SPF50+ PA+++, P1,099 These help me achieve that no-makeup look everyday. It’s really easy to use [especially] for people who aren’t really good [at] doing makeup and, at the same time, it really fits my skin [type]. I have sensitive, dry skin, so I usually have breakouts when I use the wrong products. These two help me achieve that no breakout, no cakey look so I still look fresh by the end of the day [which] boosts my confidence.” — Jackie

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4. Diva White Lip & Cheek Tint in Pixie, now on sale at P64 (limited time only) I really love this product. I use it on my lips and cheeks as blush and I think it really gives me confidence because I feel like my face is very vibrant, and colorful, and sort of like it gives me a healthy glowas if I’m very, very, very happy and ready to conquer the day. So I guess that’s why, ‘cause I see myself in the mirror and it makes me look like I have a very healthy and happy glow.” — Bea

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Like we said, as long as it adds a pep in your step, makes you feel great and like you can take on anything, then you do you, girl!

So what boosts your confidence? Share your picks with us in the comments, below!

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