I was randomly scrolling through BeautyMNL one day when I saw something I totally did not expect: Morphe Brushes. Yes, this Insta-famous brand, well-loved by Youtube personalities like Manny MUA and Jaclyn Hill, is finally available here! Needless to say, I just had to get my hands on a few to try for myself and review for you guys.
Before anything, I want to say that Morphe is great at putting out products that perform well without the crazy price tag. Both makeup newbies and professionals are sure to love this line of expensive-looking tools! Morphe even offers makeup palettes (a couple of which are carried on BeautyMNL), which contain basic colors to match every look and client.
Now, I’ve been using the four brushes above for a couple of months now—AND THEY ARE AMAZING. I take them for a spin almost every single time I wear makeup; they’re now core members of my routine. Whenever I can’t find them (I have a lot of products lying around my apartment), I go into a minor panic. How in the world can I continue putting on my face?!

Seriously, they are fantastic and not too expensive considering the top-notch quality. Here’s what I think of my Morphe faves and exactly how I use them. (Scroll all the way to the bottom to see my tutorial!)

1. E1 Deluxe Powder Brush, P1,400
This big, fluffy, über dense brush is ridiculously soft. I prefer using large brushes for my powder-based face products since they cut application time in half. I have, after all, a wide face, and therefore more surface area to cover.

After my liquid foundation and concealer, I use the E1 to sweep on my setting powder. It buffs heavy-coverage products into my skin flawlessly. Once you have this in your collection, you can say goodbye to streaky powders forever!

2. M402 Powder/Contour Brush, P1,000
This angled powder brush is best used to apply translucent powder and finishing powder (if you want to add some shimmer or highlight, for instance). Just like the E1, it’s super soft! It works to diffuse finely-textured makeup all over the skin with a seamless finish.

I wouldn’t use it for contouring, though, as it is too large for that purpose. Instead, I reach for it when I want to sheer out contour, bronzer, or blush mistakes should I apply too much.

3. E14 Oval Shadow Brush, P530
For the longest time, I’d only been using a flat, rounded brush for eyeshadows, as it packs on pigment the best. But this type of brush can be a bit limiting since it’s not that suitable for blending edges and applying crease color.

That’s precisely why I’m enjoying Morphe’s E14 so much! The stiff brush head maximizes eyeshadow pigmentation, while the rounded tip blends colors out beautifully. I could actually use it to apply my full eyeshadow look if I wanted. But why do that when I have the…

4. M411 Pointed Blender Brush, P490
This is an excellent brush for crease makeup and color diffusion. If you’ve absolutely had it with unblended eyeshadow lines, the M411 is a must-have. The pointed tip works product into your crease so delicately, while the rounded middle can “erase” harsh edges.

I’ve found that the M411 can also be used for nose contouring. It creates a soft contour that’s barely there, so if you’ll love the effect if you’re a natural makeup kind of gal.


Here’s a look I put together using the E1, E14, and M411. I’ll give you guys another tutorial factoring in the M402 next time!

And that’s it! Have you tried anything from Morphe now it’s available in the Philippines? Let me know how you’re enjoying your tools so far!

Photos and video by Liz Lanuzo