Before you ask, no, my no-breakfast habit still hasn’t changed much—but I’m actively working on it now. Promise! It definitely helps to have brekkie options that are so easy, you could wolf them down while rushing out the door. Even better if they’re on the healthier side!

For me, that’s where old reliable granola gets it right. Thanks to its high fiber content, this whole grain cereal swap makes for a super satisfying (and nutritious) breakfast. Translation: I’ve found that it fills me up without making me instantly lethargic. And if you’ve ever had a greasy egg-and-sausage sandwich at 10AM, I’m sure you know exactly how that feels.
I’ve had my fair share of these crunchy grains over the years, and in my non-breakfaster opinion, Nestlé’s FITNESSE Granola Oats are as tasty as they come. Sure, with about 11g of sugar per serving, they’re not exactly the world’s healthiest breakfast option. But they get my kudos for being 100% natural. As long as you observe portion control (as you should!), you could easily get all of its benefits without packing on the LBs.


If you’re just scouting for some good munchies, plain and simple, definitely pick these up. The Oats, Cranberry, and Pumpkin Seeds flavor gives you crunch, chew, and an addictive tartness. Honestly, it’s hard to put down once you’ve dug into it. Meanwhile, the Oats & Honey flavor (my favorite!) is a lot more classic and stripped down. The touch of honey makes it a special kind of sweet and keeps the taste interesting.

Both variations are flavor-packed on their own (like trail mix!), but when paired with milk? GIRL, THEY’RE DELICIOUS. The milk softens the granola by just a bit, making it easier to chew on absentmindedly as you scroll through IG, while still retaining that signature crunch. Better than instantly soggy cereal, any day!


While granola with milk will always be an undisputed classic, I believe it sometimes pays to play with your food. When I decided to experiment with my FITNESSE Granola Oats, I came up with 4 days’ worth of on-the-go breakfasts. All four recipes can be prepped ahead of time, so your mornings can continue being as fuss-free as ever. Busy bees, this one’s all yours!

RECIPE 1: Nestlé FITNESSE Granola Oats & Honey (300g) + milk + cinnamon
RECIPE 2: Nestlé FITNESSE Granola Oats, Cranberry, and Pumpkin Seeds (300g) + Greek yogurt + bananas
RECIPE 3: Nestlé FITNESSE Granola Oats, Cranberry, and Pumpkin Seeds (300g) + vanilla chia seed pudding (chia seeds, vanilla, honey, milk)
RECIPE 4: Nestlé FITNESSE Granola Oats & Honey (300g) + peanut butter + cacao nibs + apples
So, which one will you be trying first? Let us know!

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