Who doesn’t know what a BeautyBlender is? As one of makeup’s most beloved tools, this iconic sponge is your best bet for airbrushed skin. So what if we told you there’s not one, not two, but a bajillion BeautyBlenders for you to choose from?
Yup, this super-sponge has friends, and each one applies a different product in your makeup kit. Besides the signature hot pink sponge for your base, you’ve got a Blender for blush, for contour, even for eyeshadow! Once you see the way they work—FLAWLESSLY—you’ll never flinch at the price again.
Below, we walk you through 4 BeautyBlenders and exactly how to use them. Just moisten each sponge prior to application! That’s the real secret right there.


TRY: BeautyBlender, P890
STEP 1: Dispense an appropriate amount of foundation, BB cream, or any other liquid formula onto the back of your hand.
STEP 2: Dip the rounded end of the BeautyBlender into the product.
STEP 3: Stipple the product across your skin. Build more layers over your problem areas, if necessary.


TRY: Beautyblusher, P700
STEP 1: Apply a generous amount of liquid, cream, or gel blush onto your cheeks.
STEP 2: Use the pointed tip of the BeautyBlender to blend out the pigment. Focus most of the color on to the apples of the cheeks.
STEP 3: Invert the sponge. Using the rounded end, blend out harsh edges until the color appears seamless.


TRY: BeautyBlender Bubble, P890
STEP 1: Swipe a thick layer of cream shadow directly onto your lid.
STEP 2: Using the pointed tip of the BeautyBlender, blend color outwards towards the brow bone.
STEP 3: Finish with a coat of mascara for definition.


TRY: Micro.Mini Blenders, P790
STEP 1: Sweep a deep brown cream shade underneath your cheekbones, on the sides of your nose, and beneath your jawline.
STEP 2: Blend it out with the BeautyBlender, using both ends as necessary.
STEP 3: Then, apply a highlighting shade over the tops of your cheekbones and down the center of your nose.
STEP 4: Lightly dab and blend to sheer out your highlight. To avoid muddy makeup, use a separate sponge.
Get bouncing, beauties!

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