With Peter Kavinsky stealing our hearts and making us wish we were back in high school, the good news is official: chick flicks have made a comeback. We can’t help but throwback to our favorite cinematic moments from the finest kilig movies. Cher sitting by the fountain and realizing her feelings for Josh—come on, who didn’t love Paul Rudd in Clueless? Or Patrick singing his heart out on the grandstand back in 10 Things I Hate About You? Or Jenna and Matt finally tying the knot as the credits roll in on 13 Going on 30?

If you haven’t started ugly crying yet, then you will be in a few moments. Here’s even better news: your fave romcoms are now your beauty essentials! From makeup to skincare, Skinlab Naturals takes inspiration from the big screen and creates fantastic formulas made to nourish your skin.

We’ve got the roundup below, and who knows? Maybe this is just the beginning of your long-awaited movie moment!

1. Tint Pray Love, P189

ON SCREEN: After a bad breakup leaves her feeling lost and confused, Elizabeth Gilbert (played flawlessly by the Julia Roberts!) craves for soul searching and adventure. She embarks on a spiritual quest for self-discovery, traveling to Italy, India, and Indonesia. Something that’s been calling out to you for quite a while now? Before you hop on that plane, make sure you’ve got this packed in your luggage!

ON YOU: This lip and cheek tint is perfect for adventurous ladies stricken with a case of wanderlust. It has a buildable coverage and a water-based formula, making it easy to layer on and blend for a smooth, natural finish. Having smooth and moisturized skin (and not to mention, kissable lips!) has never been this easy—whether you find yourself on a romantic Tuscan wine route or sunbathing on the shores of Bali.

Shop it here.

2. The Fault in our Scars, P220

ON SCREEN: Back in 2014, the devastatingly beautiful Augustus Waters walked into our lives and left us shattered. If you also stayed up all night reading the book (guilty!), you would know that his love story with Hazel Lancaster was truly one of its kind. Remember that time they went to Amsterdam? Their last moments together? Or when Hazel read his letter? Don’t break down just yet. We may not have the solution to a broken heart, but we’ve got the solution to some other scars that may be getting you down!

ON YOU: Enriched with snail secretion filtrate, this anti-aging lather is designed to heal, repair, and restore damaged skin. It also contains Vitamin C and E, which help lighten dark spots and promote cell turnover. Take it from us: you’ll step out of the shower feeling moisturized, refreshed, and smelling oh-so-cocoa-buttery. Okay? Okay.

Shop it here.

3. Love Rosie Whipped Butter, P495

ON SCREEN: When Sam Claflin and Lily Collins starred as Alex and Rosie, we knew that our dream tandem had come true. Also, was their romance merely another story, or did it give you de ja vu? Raise your hand if you have fallen for your best friend and couldn’t admit it! Or waited years before confessing your feelings to that special someone! If the feelings haven’t run dry yet, it’s never too late—just like with skincare!

ON YOU: If you’re looking to #treatyoself and give your skin some much needed TLC, then this ultra-hydrating moisturizer is made just for you. True to its name, this product is a rich blend of essential oils and natural butters guaranteed to deliver deep hydration. It also has a fragrant, feminine, rose-scented formula—perfect for unwinding the senses before bedtime or just achieving silky-smooth skin.

Shop it here.

4. The Breakfast Club Soap, P195

ON SCREEN: What do you get when you put a popular girl, a jock, a geek, a rebel, and a delinquent all in one library? The answer is simple: The Kween of all Chick Flicks! This 80’s cult fave is the very reason why we’ve stayed obsessed with high school dramas and puppy love all these years. You’ve probably watched it a hundred times (and if you haven’t yet, you’re really missing out), but hey, some things never get old.

ON YOU: Formulated with only the purest ingredients, this fragrance-free and moisturizing soap is keeps everyone in mind. It’s safe for babies, pregnant and breastfeeding moms, and is super gentle on sensitive skin. No frills, no unnecessary additives—just like its namesake, an absolute classic.

Shop it here.

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