Chalk it up to the local-love that runs deep within our veins—but at BeautyMNL, we’re all suckers for a Pinoy product. Now, remember how obsessed we are with sprays at the moment? Today, we are pleased to add a squad of homegrown spritzes to the mix! These magic-working, Filipino-made mists address a bevy of beauty needs—some of which you didn’t even realize you had. Read on for details.

MAKEUP: Laverne Makeup and Beauty Tools Sanitizer
Why We’re Obsessed: This, right here, is one of the coolest sprays we have ever come across. Laverne is a cosmetic disinfectant that you mist over your makeup brushes to instantly sanitize them. It’s an on-the-spot cleanser, if you will. But—and this is the really cool part—you can also spray it directly over any kind of cream or powder makeup to neutralize bacteria. Yup! Absorb that! Laboratory tests on this product have confirmed a 99.9% kill rate for germs and bacteria like E.coli and Staph. It also contains blemish-fighting tea tree oil to make your tools and tints much kinder on your face—especially if you’re prone to pimples. More info here.

What You’ll Spend: P399 for 60ml, P599 for 150ml (but don’t miss the exclusive BeautyMNL intro price)

SKINCARE: Ysabel’s Daughter Grapefruit Face and Body Mist
Why We’re Obsessed: This fine mist comes straight out of a Seoulite’s skincare regimen—except it’s 100% local! Grapefruit, the hero ingredient, is packed with antioxidants like Vitamins C and E, which repair skin cells and even out skin tone. This does two amazing things for your pelt. First, it boosts the production of collagen to keep things plump, smooth, and youthful. And second, it imparts a fresh, radiant glow. Mist it all over and as often as you like! More info here.

What You’ll Spend: P720 for 100ml

HAIR STYLING: Beach Born Sea Salt Spray
Why We’re Obsessed: Back in January, we counted this texturizing spray as one of the 16 beauty products every Filipina should try in 2016. Since then, we haven’t changed our minds. This all-natural, sea salt-powered spritz creates beachy waves, holds curls in place, and even doubles as a dry shampoo if you’re too lazy to shower. All this without a blow-dryer, mind you. More info here.

What You’ll Spend: P180 for 100ml

HYGIENE: Céleteque Dermo Acne Solutions Back Acne Spray
Why We’re Obsessed: Back acne, or “backne,” is one of those common skin issues that plenty of people suffer from but don’t really know how to address. Enter the Back Acne Spray—the most self-explanatory spray of the bunch! This dermatologist-tested treatment contains Hydroxy Acids that effectively address acne flare-ups. By gently removing dead skins cells that cause breakouts on the back, shoulders, and rear, this spray visibly reduces those hard-to-reach pimples within two weeks of use. More info here.

What You’ll Spend: P320 for 50ml