Holy moly, we are hypnotized. Read on at your own peril!
In case you were busy getting rained on over the weekend, #TheShoes are July’s answer to #TheDress (remember that white and gold vs. black and blue debacle from a couple months back?).

Basically, 14-year-old Ava Munro (AKA @totallymendes) from Massachusetts, USA, tweeted the photo and corresponding question below:
We’ve been staring at this photo for the past three days, and we still can’t figure it out. All we know is that both polishes are made by Sinful Colors—and in a strange twist of fate, they have the exact same name.
We’ve also figured out, courtesy of Ava’s follow-up tweets, that the shoes are by BCBGeneration. #Soshal

And when Pantone jumped into the Twitter firestorm #TheShoes caused, we discovered that there might actually be three, not two, mind-boggling purplish-pinks at play in this photo:

So, which color is it? Who knows, man.

According to insiders, ombre brows are going to be a thing this year. The good news? The ombreness is very, very subtle. The bad news? The ombreness is very, very subtle. We can barely make out the difference!

That’s the ombre brow trend as seen on Michelle Monaghan, whom you’ll remember from HBO’s True Detective, Mission: Impossible III, and that one romcom with McDreamy.

Apparently, the inner half of Michelle’s eyebrows (from the middle of her brow moving towards her nose) are dyed a lighter brown than the outer half (from her arch to the tail of her brow). Can you tell?

How about here?

And here’s another angle, just to be thorough about this:

We’re not sure if two-tone brows are truly going to blow up the way two-tone hair did, but we will say they look lovely on Michelle!

TIP: Afraid to dye? Check out Youtuber Lauren Joe’s natural ombre brow tutorial below! She actually cheats the effect with strategically shaded brow pomade (and we carry the exact same one, but it’s sadly out of stock—sob). Anyway, we think Lauren’s tan skin and dark hair provide great context for how this trend can work on Filipinas. Observe:

Just before R’n’B crooner Drake jetted off to Wimbledon for the weekend, he dropped the video for his new track, “Energy.”
It seems like your average awesome Drake video at first. But then Drake starts to look a little different…and by that we mean he transforms into a parade of different celebrities. Like Oprah.
And Justin Bieber. #MyCalvins
And the most mesmerizing of all, Miley Cyrus.
We don’t know why Drake is doing this, honestly—but for some inexplicable reason, we can’t look away?
Boy is working that red lip!

Credit: #TheShoes tweets (Ava Munro, Pantone on Twitter). Photos of Michelle Monaghan (@realmonaghan on Instagram). GIFs: Pitchfork, YouTube.