Anyone dealing with dark underarms knows they take forever to lighten up, even with the help of potent products. Luckily, creams and gels aren’t the only solutions for hyperpigmentation. Pit-whitening treatments are a dime a dozen these days—and we’ve got the deals to prove it. Not only do these services deliver faster results than a topical ointment, they also don’t have to cost you a fortune. Say bye-bye to your shadowy underarms with the 3 whitening treatments below. There’s one for every budget!


THE TREATMENT: Underarm Whitening Package, P450
THE CLINIC: Excelsior (San Juan)
Low on funds? Excelsior’s Underarm Whitening Package won’t burn a hole through your wallet. At only P450 a session, this package brings you brighter pits in just 30 minutes. But it’s good for so much more, too—like softening chicken skin and leaving that area truly touchable. Definitely a treat for your dark, rough pits!
In this treatment, the underarms are given a sponge bath and then buffed with a glutathione scrub. This prepares them for the diamond peel, which evens out textured skin and helps reduce dullness. After the exfoliation, a whitening mask is applied to further counteract pigmentation. And if that sounds like a lot of activity in a delicate area, it is—which is why a hydrocort lotion is used as the final step to soothe redness. Talk about bang for your buck!

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THE TREATMENT: Lightening Radiant Peel with Diamond Peel for the Underarms, P950
THE CLINIC: Magallanes Skin and Wellness Clinic (Makati)
Got a little more moolah to spare? Spend it on the Lightening Radiant Peel at Magallanes Clinic. This treatment makes great use of exfoliants to get your pits back to a brighter state. The diamond peel that comes with it has a smoothening effect, too, so your underarms look and feel good.
Following the requisite cleanse, the peel solution is carefully applied to your underarms. This dissolves dead skin buildup—one of the most common culprits behind dark pigmentation. As mentioned earlier, a diamond peel is also performed for pretty much the same reason. It does go a step further by decongesting pores and allowing lighter, fresher skin to surface. Finally, a protective cream is slathered all over the underarms to soothe irritation and keep out bacteria. All you need is P950 and half an hour!

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THE TREATMENT: Revlite for the Underarms, P2,500
THE CLINIC: Mir Aesthetic & Spa (Quezon City)
Now, if you’re really willing to cough up some dough, Mir’s Revlite for the Underarms is the treatment for you. For P2,500, your axillas can expect tender loving care! This laser is fast (only 30 minutes!), chemical-free, and 100% painless.
Revlite has been hailed the most effective treatment for hyperpigmented skin—which should explain why you pay a premium for it. A non-invasive laser, it uses beams of light to cancel out areas with high concentrations of melanin (the naturally-occurring pigment that causes skin to tan). During this treatment, the Revlite machine is glided over your underarms so that the pulses of light can sink deep into the skin and neutralize the discoloration there. All that brightening work done in one easy step! Well worth the splurge, if you ask us.

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