Reality check: our makeup brushes touch more than just our faces. They come into contact with the stuff in our purses, filthy countertops, and even the floor sometimes. So you can only imagine what’s lingering in between their bristles. Bacteria, dirt, really nasty stuff.

While most people can’t remember the last time they did it, cleaning your brushes is one of the most important things you can do to protect your skin. When you don’t clean them, you put yourself at risk of acne, fungus, parasites, and even viruses, too. (SOB.)

Suffice it to say, you have to wash your brushes. But how? We thought you’d never ask! Below, 3 must-have products for squeaky-clean brushes, all by PRO STUDIO.


Cleansing spray is the easiest way to sanitize your brushes with minimal effort. It won’t give your brushes a deep clean, but it will decontaminate them in a cinch. This gentle cleaner preserves the shape and softness of every bristle, so your tools stay usable for longer. The formula dries quickly, too, so you can apply your makeup soon after you spritz.

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Washing your brushes can dry out your palms, which is why a silicone mitt comes in handy. This mitt is designed with 3 different textures so it can clean brushes of all kinds. Use the larger round nubs to wash face brushes, the finer points to clean eye and lip brushes, and the wavy pattern to rinse everything off.

Shop it here.


So you’ve cleansed your brushes nice and deep? Now, you have to dry them. This is when a drying stand becomes absolutely vital. You can hang your brushes to dry without them losing their shape or turning moldy. This particular stand has 26 differently-sized pegs so it can fit a full set of tools. How’s that for professional?

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