It’s no question: the Aztec Healing Clay Mask is the clay mask to end all clay masks—and it’s easy to see why. The cult-status clay pulls impurities, like bacteria and sebum, and pushes ‘em out to clear your pores. Many people even claim to see results after just one use! While there is no shortage of folks lauding the Aztec Healing Clay Mask for its acne-fighting capacities, many are unaware of how versatile the clay actually is.

Apparently, the same one-pound jar we use to eliminate pesky zits can also neutralize armpit odor, shrink insect bites, and more. It’s just a matter of experimentation. Curious? Here, we list 3 surprising ways you can use the Aztec Healing Clay Mask. Just scroll!

Masking your underarms is just as important as masking your mug. Many deodorants have a ton of undesirable ingredients that may penetrate your pores, and seriously affect your health—it’s scary stuff! Applying the Aztec Clay onto your pits can help eliminate toxins and neutralize odor-causing properties. Just combine equal parts clay and apple cider vinegar to make a paste, then apply it twice a week in the shower. Soon enough, you will sweat less and smell better, too! No antiperspirant necessary.

In the same way antiperspirants can plug up pores, our daily hair products also put our tresses through the wringer. If you use sprays, creams, or pomades regularly, you can end up with product build-up that leaves your hair supremely oily. Luckily, a hair detoxifying mask made with Aztec Clay can help. Add 1/2 cup of clay into a cup water, then apply it all over your scalp, leave it on for half an hour, and rinse. This will not only wash out build-up, it will also leave your locks shiny and smooth. Swish, swish!

With the number of mosquitoes buzzing about in the PH, you are bound to get bitten every once in a while. When a bite leaves you with a spot that is itchy, red, or both, pause before dabbing on a drugstore ointment. The Aztec Clay makes for an all-natural itch cream that helps shrink bites and reduces itchiness. To make your treatment, combine 1/2 tablespoon clay and 1/2 teaspoon activated charcoal with enough witch hazel to form a paste, then dot it straight onto your bite.
In other words: Stock. Up. NOW.