No matter what your lifestyle, you can always use an extra boost. The proper supplements can go a long way—just ask your fit friends! Now, while there is no magic pill that offers an instant fix, there are science-approved ingredients and high-quality extracts that help with the big picture.

For a hardy new year, check out the 3 supplements below. Much buzzed-about by enthusiasts of both inner and outer beauty, these babies will keep you healthy and happy in the months to come. Bottoms up!


Turmeric isn’t what you would call breaking news, but it definitely deserves a spot on your top shelf. The deep yellow spice has roots in Ayurvedic medicine and is known for its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. While it boasts of myriad benefits, turmeric most famously increases collagen and fights free radicals.
TRY: Carica Turmeric Capsule (30 Capsules), P143, Carica Turmeric Capsule (90 Capsules, P385, Philippine Pure Turmeric Capsule (150 Capsules), P595, Philippine Pure Turmeric Powder (125g), P220


In the past few years, moringa (or malunggay) has skyrocketed to It-food status. Although almost every single part of this superfood is used, moringa’s power is in its bitter leaves and seed pods. It’s high in protein, calcium, iron, vitamin C, and yes, the ubiquitous antioxidants. With continuous use, moringa can help increase energy, stabilize blood sugar levels, and improve mental clarity.
TRY: Carica Malunggay Capsule (30 Capsules), P143, Carica Malunggay Capsule (90 Capsules), P385, Carica Malunggay Tea (30 Teabags), 165, Philippine Pure Malunggay Powder (200g), P300


If there’s one supplement doctors recommend for most folks, it’s fish oil. An oldie but goodie, fish oil is jam-packed with omega-3s, which are imperative for heart and mental health. And don’t turn up your nose at the fishy name—it also helps improve your complexion and slow the aging process! One-pill wonder? We certainly think so.
TRY: Kirkland Fish Oil (400 Capsules), P1,400

So, which supplements will you be taking in 2018? Put in the comments!

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