We don’t know what your horoscope says about your year ahead, but we can say for sure that good skin is in the stars for you this 2020. How do we know? Well, the options you need to make it happen are right here. You won’t even need to overhaul your entire routine. As long as you’ve got 1 of these 3 transformative skincare products in your repertoire, you’ll have surpassed the next glow-up by the time 2021 rolls around.

1. Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir This power serum dons the royal seal of approval. According to Harper’s Bazaar, both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle swear by it! And the formula is as luxurious as you’d expect. A restorative blend of 14 plant-based oils, this botanical cocktail keeps the skin plump, alleviates redness, treats breakouts, and primes the skin. It’s definitely no cheap thrill, but if it works for the Duchesses of England, then it’s an investment we’re willing to make.

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2. I’m From Ginseng Serum, now on sale at P1,000 (limited time only) Ginseng has been a trusted skincare remedy since ancient times and modern beauty brands are taking note. Formulated with 7.98 percent 6-year-old red ginseng sap, this serum harnesses the root ingredient to restore moisture and repair damage to keep the skin perpetually young. There’s no gambling with this formula—try it and watch your deepest lines disappear into firmer, bouncier skin.

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3. Neutriherbs Retinol Cream, now on sale at P899 (limited time only) Retinol is a vital part of any anti-aging repertoire, but it’s a tricky ingredient to incorporate, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you want to play it safe, go for a retinol-infused moisturizer just like this one. It contains just enough retinol to make visible changes to tired, aging skin, but because it’s a cream formula, hydrating the skin is an equally crucial function of its formula. This allows it to sidestep the usual side effects of using an ingredient as harsh as retinol can be.

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