No matter what day of the year it is, there’s always time to channel that “start fresh” mentality. We’re all about changing for the better, and if that means a new set of resolutions each month, or even a few tweaks to daily habits here and there, so be it.

If you’re following suit, leave the pressure of overly ambitious goals at the door, and allow yourself to enjoy the process instead—without expectations. You’ll find it makes a world of a difference in the way it feels less like a chore you need to check off a to-do list (as satisfying as that can be) to something you genuinely appreciate. Before you know it, your intentions become effortless. And then you repeat.
The same goes for your skincare routine. Whatever you wish to resolve, focus on treating it as a practice of self-care. Look forward to carving out time in your schedule, and be fully present to unwind, pamper, and indulge in the ritualistic act of it all. The promise of clear, glowing skin might not be there in an instant, but the effort you make means you’re halfway there.

If your skin is in need of a major reset, we’ve put a short list of skincare resolutions that are simple, easy, and absolutely doable to get you going. From completely removing your makeup before bed to finding clean, skin-type compatible formulas you’ll love, see how you can switch things up with a little help from Face Republic’s Pureprep Trio series. Have at it, below.
1. Face Republic Mild Cleansing Water, P299
While it’s a non-negotiable for some, for others, it’s easier said than done. So if you fall in the latter camp because you’re low maintenance, tamad, or find yourself too inebriated to function, at the very least spare a couple of minutes to cleanse before calling it a night. Skipping this step not only leaves your skin congested, you disrupt new, healthy cells from generating in favor of breakouts and a dull complexion.
One simple way to go about it, rather than reaching for harsh, stripping makeup wipes, is to pre-soak cotton pads in a mild cleansing water and keep them in a ready-to-open sealable bag.

This one from Face Republic works especially well with Poloxamer 184, which helps to keep dirt and grime off without irritating skin and eyes. And since it’s made with pro-vitamin B5 and antioxidants from plant-based extracts, it goes the extra mile to hydrate and lock in moisture while repelling potential damage from free radicals. Have a stash ready in your bathroom (or by your bedside) so you can swipe and toss in a pinch.

Shop it here.

2. Face Republic AHA/BHA Toner, P499
Even the best of us can forget to exfoliate every now and then. Maybe it doesn’t fit in the schedule. Maybe the concept is a little daunting. Or maybe you overdid it in the past and can’t bring yourself to try again. Luckily for you, there is a way to overcome each one, and it kicks off with remembering why exfoliating is essential in the first place. The answer: it smoothens uneven texture, prevents breakouts, and aids hyperpigmentation for your skin.
For starters, pick out specific days of the week to create a consistent schedule (i.e. every Sunday and Wednesday). Follow through by setting a reminder close to bedtime to keep you on track. Next, if you don’t have an exfoliant yet, ease into the process by patch testing the formula. Wait at least 24 hours and observe signs of any negative reaction before applying again.

Since chemical exfoliants are generally preferred over physical scrubs (less chances of micro-tears being formed) an AHA/BHA toner is a great beginner-friendly way to introduce acids into your routine. Face Republic’s version is infused with oil-controlling salicylic acid and antioxidant-rich lactobionic acid to strip away dead skin cells, boost cell turnover, and unclog pores. What’s more, your skin will get that extra bouncy look and feel thanks to the sodium hyaluronate and tocopherol (pure vitamin E). In other words—more bang for your buck!

Shop it here.

3. Face Republic PH-Balancing Toner, P399
As one of the most basic steps in a skincare routine, it’s necessary to make sure the toners you use are working with your skin, not against it. Alcohol, a common ingredient in many toners, has been known in particular to strip away natural oils and damage the skin’s barrier. And while not all types of alcohol are bad for your skin, simple (astringent) kinds like denatured alcohol, ethanol, and isopropyl alcohol are dehydrating and can harm most skin types.
Score yourself the right toner though, and the fresh and supple effect it’ll leave will last long after the formula has absorbed into the skin. The supposed holy grail doesn’t have to promise to be life changing, either. Even something as simple and straightforward as this pH-balancing toner, which does the job of soothing, prepping, and restoring balance is more than enough. (As long as it does the job well!) Plus, it’s completely free from alcohol.

Shop it here.

If you would like to give these a try, you can shop the Pureprep Trio and discover more Face Republic essentials right here.

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