Some skin imperfections are obvious (ahem, pimples) and others are a little more discreet. Take texture for example. It may not always be visible, but apply the wrong foundation or stand in the wrong light and bam—hello to rough, bumpy skin. And the worst part? Exfoliation isn’t always enough to fix it. So, when we really want to see results, we turn to the expert remedy: a light therapy facial.
Sounds fancy, no? The technology is actually simple. Light rays penetrate deeper into the skin to renew and refine texture from the inside. Below, see 3 skin-smoothing facials you can avail of stat!

THE FACIAL: LED Chromatic Facial
THE CLINIC: Aesthethic Institute of the Philippines (San Juan)
As you may already know, our skin renews itself as we sleep. Without the proper amount of Zs, your complexion simply remains dull, rough, and ridden with unhealed blemishes. But that’s where this LED facial comes in! Using light-emitting Bio-Synthesis, it rejuvenates and brightens the skin from within (among other things). The session begins with a deep cleanse, followed by an exfoliating enzyme visage that lifts away layers of dead skin cells. After, a face mask is applied to lift and tighten sagging skin. Then, it’s on to the main event! For the final step, they bathe your skin in a serious of accelerators and serums—all boosted by their LED treatment. Together, these skin-pampering treats deliver smoother skin, a brighter skin tone, and a tighter, more lifted face. All in 75 minutes of bliss!

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THE FACIAL: AHA Fruitpeel Facial + Photo Dynamic Therapy
THE CLINIC: Finessa Aesthetica (Timog, Katipunan, Parañaque)
Besides flaky skin, dark spots and half-healed pimple bumps also contribute to uneven texture. Luckily, this gentle fruit peel addresses just that. And combined with their expert Photo Dynamic Therapy, you should have silky-smooth, blemish-free skin in no time! This 65-minute sesh starts with a calming cleanse using lavender oil and foaming gel. Then, it’s followed by a NeoStrata Glycolic Solution—AKA a super gentle peel that softens deep-seated dirt. Once that’s done, your face is pampered with a series of facial steaming, extraction, and pore-tightening. Any inflammation is soothed with a hydrocortisone cream. Finally, the treatment is topped off by the PDT Light Cure for both anti-bacterial and skin-renewing benefits. What more could you ask for?

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THE FACIAL: Korean Facial
THE CLINIC: Oracle Korean Aesthetic Clinic (Makati)
Korean pop stars are known for their perfect, porcelain skin. So, it only makes sense that a treatment inspired by their own beauty practices would produce the same results! This Korean facial does more than just smoothen out texture. Using LED light therapy, it also tightens, brightens to give you that K-beauty skin we all want. Expect an hour and a half of pure skin pampering. Featuring premium treatments such as a collagen-stimulating ultrasound, brightening Vitamin C infusion, and thorough extraction, you’ll leave the clinic looking positively glowing. Ending with light therapy and a soothing mask, this unique facial is one you won’t fine anywhere else.

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