Underarm hair: some women celebrate it, while others feel more comfortable without it. Whichever camp you fall into, you do you. But for those who prefer their pits newborn-smooth, here’s a solution: laser hair removal.
Laser hair removal eliminates the need to wax, shave, or pluck over-zealous fuzz. The laser devices fire a combination of light and heat to zap hair at the root. This “kills” the follicle from which it sprouted—but don’t panic, that doesn’t hurt. Once that’s done and you’ve completed the recommended number of sessions, expect to be hairless for a long, long time.

Curious? Here are 3 laser hair removal treatments that will leave you raring to bare ‘em.

THE TREATMENT: Diode Laser Hair Removal for Underarms, P1,500
THE CLINIC: DermHQ (Makati)
Scared of how painful the process might be? DermHQ places high importance on their clientele’s comfort. They use soothing gels and a machine with a cooling tip to ensure that the service is as painless as possible. Perfect for first-timers with the jitters!
The service starts with an initial assessment from a dermatologist. He/she will evaluate what type of skin and hair quality you have. Ultrasound gel is then applied all over the armpits to numb any pain or discomfort. Finally, the diode laser is gently glided over the underarms to eliminate the unwanted hair. The whole process takes about 30 minutes, so it should be over in no time.

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THE TREATMENT: Underarm IPL Hair Removal for Fuzz-Free Underarms, P825
THE CLINIC: HairX Hair Removal (Pasay and Taguig) Say goodbye to chicken skin and the ingrown hair that comes with plucking and shaving your pits. This HairX treatment uses a high-powered IPL device that effectively reduces hair visibility and stops future growth. All this, sans any annoying bumps and razor burn! It’s also really affordable at only P825.
Each session takes about one hour, so make sure you set aside a little bit more time. Like common laser procedures, a cooling gel will be applied before the actual removal of hair. Bursts of light from the machine will then slowly heat up the hair follicles and destroy them. A little bit of discomfort is to be expected, but any post-laser redness should vanish in a few hours.

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THE TREATMENT: Skin Pro Pontiac Soprano Diode Laser Hair Removal for the Underarms, P1,125
THE CLINIC: Skin Pro (Makati, Quezon City, Pasay)
If you’re really sensitive, this treatment by Skin Pro is virtually pain-free. The procedure makes use of very gentle pulses of energy that gradually heats the hair follicles. The process is so mild, it’ll feel more like a hot stone massage than a laser.
The 30-minute session starts with a shaving of the armpits, after which (you guessed it!), a cooling gel is slathered all over them. One of the clinic’s highly-trained aestheticians will then begin targeting the hair follicles. After the hair removal, an anti-inflammation cream will be applied to reduce redness. Total TLC, right here!

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