With V-Day right around the corner, we have to ask: are your lips ready for action? Whether you’ve got a big date or Galentine’s drinks, you’ll need a long-wearing lipstick to keep up. Maybe smooching will be involved—or maybe just some really, really good cocktails. Either way, we’ve found the kiss-proof formulas that’ll stick around for all the fun. Just prime your lips, let the color set, and you’ll be set.


THE LIPSTICK: BLK Valentine’s Limited Edition Long-Lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick, P349

We have to hand it to Anne Curtis: her liquid lipsticks are basically bulletproof. With their creamy, mousse-like texture, they stay on your smoocher like glue. Hey, if it’s good enough for Anne, it’s good enough for us! SETTING TIME: At least 3.5 minutes Made especially for Valentine’s Day, this limited edition line comes in three romantic shades: Sweetheart (a rosy mauve), Babe (a pinkish peach), and Love (a bold burgundy). Perfect for any type of date! Kat is wearing Sweetheart.

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THE LIPSTICK: B. by Banila LipLike Dual Tint, P695

This two-layer tint may seem like a lot of work, but its staining power is worth the extra step. Apply the sheer emulsion first, then top it off with the water-based gel. The result: vibrant, lip-plumping color that’ll stay put through a hurricane. Not even cleansing oil can fully erase this stuff in one go! (Trust us, we tried.) SETTING TIME: At least 7 minutes Take your pick from 5 face-brightening hues fit for a Koreanovela: Marsala (a deep scarlet), Red Queen (a ruby red), Wake Up Coral (a rosy coral), Pink Princess (a Barbie pink), and Bride Coral (a blood-orange). Ayana is wearing Bride Coral.

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THE LIPSTICK: NYX Epic Ink Lip Dye, P350
When it comes to show-stopping pigments, NYX never disappoints. This quick-setting “ink” is no exception. It applies like a liquid lipstick but roots itself in place like a stain. In other words, you get intense color payoff and all-day wear. Just layer it according to the intensity you want! SETTING TIME: At least 1.5 minutes We weren’t kidding when we said these were showstoppers. Ideal for your most daring moods, there are 7 shades to choose from: Poised (a classic crimson), Victorian (a vampy violet), Heartbreaker (a blue-based berry), Charmer (a rich scarlet), Obsessed (a blackened purple), Night Runner (a deep plum), Wizardry (a red-brown), and Revolt (an edgy red-orange). Kim is wearing Obsessed.

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Credits: Photos and video by Kathy Austria. Don’t forget to follow BeautyMNL on Facebook and Instagram!

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