If our 2014 romance with snail slime, argan oil, and glutathione taught us anything, it’s that beautiful skin and hair can come from the most unlikely ingredients. This year, experts are keeping a close eye on three miracle-workers for your most common beauty woes (and yes, that includes zits, dryness, and wrinkles.)

If you haven’t tried these ingredients by now, we think it’s high time you did. Here’s a quick rundown.
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Can’t imagine streaky, grimy charcoal having any benefit on your complexion? Read our piece on pores. Charcoal has, in fact, set the beauty scene abuzz with its pore-clearing abilities, since it acts like a sponge for sebum, toxins, and other impurities. In short, say no to blackheads, and yes to smoother, brighter skin. Right now, we’re loving Kuu Konjac’s Bamboo Charcoal Sponge and Tony Moly’s Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel, which is laced with charcoal powder.
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It’s been recognized for ages as a beauty booster for dry hair and dull skin—but this year, coconut oil is predicted to have a surge in popularity! Coconut-based products are popping up everywhere in potions as basic as shampoo and conditioner to trendy must-haves like oil-pulling mouthwash and biocellulose sheet masks.
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Your skincare-savvy friends might have already mentioned this mouthful of an ingredient in passing. Hyaluronic acid (also known as hyaluronan) is a substance produced by the body that keeps the skin plump. In the beauty world, it’s widely regarded as a potent moisturizer, as well as an anti-aging ingredient. To date, it’s already made a name for itself in BB creams and face masks—but this year, expect body lotions and washes chock-full of the stuff.