Heart-pumping music. Dark lighting. Crazy energy. These words alone might describe a typical nightclub setting. But at BARE Manila, one of the newest fitness studios in town, it’s where their BLACK workout comes to life.

Apparently, this infamous workout is done inside a dark room with black lighting and an impressive sound system. So instead of working out, it actually feels like you’re in a party!

So when BARE Manila invited BeautyMNL to try out a special class taught by General Manager Tjaart Gray of the original BARE studio in Dubai, we accepted. Excited? Of course! Nervous? Definitely.


BARE is a high-intensity fitness studio that specializes in fat loss and extreme fitness performance. Their signature BLACK workout burns up to 1,000 calories in 50 minutes. It has a cult following with fans swearing that it’s the most effective workout in the world!


The 50-minute class is split into different rounds of HIIT exercises. We were divided into groups of 3. Each person completes 30 seconds to one minute of a certain exercise. A short period of rest comes before you move to the next station. We were doing squat jumps, burpees, sit-ups, and other bodyweight exercises.

We also got to use their customized ‘SkillMill’ treadmills at the running station and the intense Parachute training finale. Alternating with your teammates, you sprint at least 20 meters with built-in resistance that simulated an outdoor parachute!


After the class, we asked three of our officemates with varying fitness levels on how they thought of the class. Here’s what they said!

JENNY (Fitness Level: Beginner): “I used to stay active by playing sports so I very seldom visit the gym and fitness studios like these. The moment I stepped inside the Black Room, I instantly got a vibe that what we’re about to do is intense. And boy, was I right!

The equipment also looked more premium, better, and easier to use compared to other gyms. The usual type of music they played was thef type that pumps you up. Nonetheless, I think people like me who have been in workout hiatus for so long would find it hard to finish the whole thing. But if you’re a regular at the gym, it’s definitely a good class to take, especially if you want to incorporate a serious but fun calorie-burning routine in your usual workouts.”

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MIKAH (Fitness Level: Intermediate): “I don’t usually go to fitness studios since I am more of a gym/home work out type person but BARE Manila was a great start! I liked how the BLACK room put you in a certain mood. The music motivated me a great deal and so did our instructor. He motivated us to push harder and do better which I found to be VERY helpful!

Despite the fact that we were in groups, it was a team effort. I did not feel I was under pressure to outperform the person beside me. We were all helping and motivating each other. 10/10 recommend if you wanted to break a SERIOUS sweat. It’s a great way to kickstart your fitness journey or get back into the grind!”

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ANGIE (Fitness Level: Advanced): “I work out pretty regularly and I’ve tried similar HIIT/CrossFit/circuit classes before, but this was definitely different. For one thing, the 50-minute class went by quite fast! Since the class only had black lighting, it made me less self-conscious and focused more on my own performance. My legs and arms felt so sore the day after! It’s an intense and challenging workout that I enjoyed from start to finish.

The energy of Coach TJ, together with the upbeat music that was playing, served as a good energizer. I liked how he kept reminding us to follow our own pace since we vary in fitness levels. You don’t need to be a regular gym-goer or a pro-athlete to enjoy it! If you’re serious in upping your fitness game, whether it’s to lose weight or to gain muscle, I’d definitely recommend the BLACK workout.”

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To prepare ourselves for the BLACK workout, we fueled up on protein bars from Pulsin, Purefit, and Quest. Protein bars are deliciously quick remedies for meal replacements and pre and post-workout boosters. It’s also great if you’re building muscle!

After the workout, we rewarded ourselves with more protein bars and Dash’s refreshing sparkling water. The best thing about this drink is that it does not contain sugar, sweeteners, or calories so we didn’t have to worry about gaining back the calories lost.

We also cooled ourselves off with Feet and Right’s Sport Cooling Towel. The cool thing about these towels is that it’s water-activated! All you have to do is soak it in water before you wring it and snap it to activate its cooling effect. It’s the perfect reward right after a challenging workout like BLACK!

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