Our feet take a beating round the clock. All those meetings, errands, and closed-toe shoe moments can lead to serious wear and tear. We’re talking calluses, aching soles, and unpresentable nails—which, BTW, feel as bad as they look. Ouch!

So how do you fix unsightly Hobbit feet? Treat your tootsies to regular spa days! Usually, a complete foot spa involves some sort of soak, scrub, and/or massage, plus a pedicure to boot. It’s a pretty sweet deal—and your soles will thank you for the special treatment. Try one of the three foot spas, below (we’re sold on the lovely ambiance alone).

THE FOOT SPA: Ooh La La Foot Spa With Pedicure
THE SALON: I Do Nails (Quezon City, Pasig, and Taguig) Been running around the city all week? Plop into one of its comfy pastel chairs and I Do Nails will take care of the rest. Their 80-minute foot-pampering consists of a warm soak, minty salt scrub, and classic pedicure.
Cap off the spa treatment with a 5-minute foot and leg massage, and you’ll definitely be saying, “Ooh-la-la!” Honestly, the only thing you won’t like about this treatment is when it ends.

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THE FOOT SPA: Pedi Spa Treatment + Paraffin
THE SALON: Manos Nail Lounge (Taguig) At Manos, you get to kick up your feet and pamper yourself for a solid 90 minutes. Their package combines the soothing powers of a soak, scrub, pedi, and paraffin dip. Let’s talk about that last thing really quickly, because we personally feel it’s the best part. The paraffin dip submerges your aching feet in heated wax and then wraps them up tightly to let the wax set. Besides leaving your feet soft and smooth, the paraffin will also soothe joint pain and ease strained muscles.
Manos’ marvelous package includes a 10-minute foot massage! You can choose a blend of essential oils to go with it: Awakening, Pampering, Energizing, or Manos Signature. Just pick the one that vibes with your feet the most—they’re the boss!

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THE FOOT SPA: Deep Sea Kelp Spa Treatment With Pedicure
THE SALON: Nail Spa (Alabang) Not-so-fun fact: no other part of your body reflects age as dramatically as your feet. At Nail Spa, you can get a foot spa that doubles as an anti-aging treatment! Its Deep Sea Kelp Spa Treatment uses a nourishing lotion and exfoliating scrub to keep your feet smooth and vibrant. Then, a trained technician will invigorate those soles with a 20-minute massage.
Not just that, your toes also get the royal treatment! Nail Spa’s package includes a professional nail cleaning and polish application. Seriously, they’re committed to spoiling your feet rotten.

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