Let’s face it: sometimes—okay, most of the time—scars and old acne spots take forever to fade. And while we have actives and serums to come to our aid, they don’t always work out as planned. At this point, your best bet is leaving your skin to a pro. In short, your facialist.

Below, we’ve rounded up 3 facials that’ll lighten your dark spots faster than they appeared. Scroll to see!

THE FACIAL: Facial Cocktail
THE CLINIC: Skin & Body by Medicard (Makati, Alabang, Quezon City)
Kick your basic facial up a notch with the Facial Cocktail. Spiked with a potent blend of serums, each “cocktail” is customized to your specific skin type and needs. So if you choose a brightening treatment, your dark spots stand no chance.
The treatment begins with a deep cleanse, followed by a careful extraction and a soothing leave-on mask. Afterwards, you’re treated to a diamond peel to get rid of any lingering build-up. But the last, most crucial step is this facial’s V10 serum drop. This boosts the benefits of your facial and locks all the good stuff in. So not only will the treatment lift away unwanted marks, it’ll combat every other sign of dullness, too!

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THE FACIAL: Wonder Glow Facial Treatment
THE CLINIC: Beaucharm Derma and Salon (Makati, Manila, Quezon City)
Spend too many hours under the sun? Chances are, sun spots have set up shop on your face. But don’t worry, the Wonder Glow Facial Treatment will help you with that sudden hyperpigmentation. Done regularly, this facial will erase any skin sins you’ve committed.
The stars of this treatment are the specially formulated Whitening Gel Exfoliator and Whitening Nourishing Cream. The gel contains lemon extract and kojic acid to get rid of dead skin cells. The nourishing cream, on the other hand, boosts skin renewal and fades dark spots. After just one hour, your face will look positively immaculate.

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THE FACIAL: Vampire Stomp Facial
THE CLINIC: Beautylosophy & Skin Club by MBM (Quezon City, Taguig, Paranaque, Cagayan de Oro)
To pave those acne scars right off your face, try the Kardashian-recommended Vampire Facial. Ladies, we’re just going to say it outright: this treatment involves some blood. But we promise, it isn’t as scary as it sounds! If you’re not particularly queasy, this painless facial is just the thing to clarify your skin and rid you of dark spots.
The secret lies in the gentle extraction of platelet-rich plasma. Through the use of micro-needling, blood is extracted and then reintroduced into areas of the face that need to be whitened or tightened. If it makes you feel any better, a topical anesthesia will be applied 30 to 40 minutes before the treatment so no one gets hurt. And come on, just look at Kim K.! Wouldn’t you try this out if it led to a glow-up like hers?

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