As grateful as we are to skincare products, sometimes our skin demands a little extra attention. For those days, we put ourselves in the hands of experts who know exactly what to do. Whatever the problem, they have the solution. All we have to do is show up!

So if you’re getting tired of trying out products that simply aren’t working, maybe it’s time to schedule a facial. Start with any (or all) of these 3 facials for our most common skin issues. There’s bound to be something here that’ll help!


THE FACIAL: Anti-Acne and Brightening Facial Bliss
THE CLINIC: Aryana Aesthetic Center (San Juan)
For skin that suffers from troublesome breakouts, there’s the Anti-Acne and Brightening Facial Bliss. Through its use of all-natural, vitamin-rich ingredients, this clarifying treatment effectively transforms dull, acne-prone skin. So if it’s radiantly clear skin you’re after, you might want to include this miracle-maker in your skincare routine!

Each session takes only 1 hour. It starts with deep skin cleansing and gentle exfoliation to get rid of all surface dirt. Next, facial steaming is performed to prep pores for vacuum suction and comedone extraction. Vital nourishment comes in the form of the ID.AZ Skin Advice Brightening Mask—the treatment’s most crucial feature. Specially formulated to treat dark spots, even out skin tone, and restore radiance, here lies the secret to total skin bliss!

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THE FACIAL: Hydrafacial with Wet Diamond Peel and Vitamin Infusion
THE CLINIC: Lumiere Skin and Spa (Quezon City, Taguig)
For skin that could use an ultra nourishing boost, there’s the Hydrafacial with Wet Diamond Peel and Vitamin Infusion. This facial aims to deeply hydrate and cleanse the skin, giving it a powerful layer of protection against everyday wear-and-tear. That means if you’re constantly slogging through pollution and bad weather, this is what your skin needs to get healthy again.

Each 75- to 105-minute session involves a series of facial massages. In between, you’ll be treated to deep skin cleansing, facial steaming, and an aloe vera cream application. To remove any dirt that may be clinging on, a careful extraction will also be performed. Lastly, a wet diamond peel will be applied to slough off dead skin cells and lock in nourishment. The peel will be infused with three specialized serums: salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. Together, they fight bacteria while tightening and brightening skin that lacks its usual luster. It’s a tried-and-tested combo that’ll leave you with healthy, happy skin every time!

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THE FACIAL: Carbon Whitening Laser Facial
THE CLINIC: Finessa Aesthetica (Timog, Katipunan, Parañaque)
For skin that’s in desperate need of firming up, there’s the Carbon Whitening Laser Facial. This anti-aging laser facial keeps dullness, wrinkles, and roughness at bay to help you maintain a youthful glow. While aging in itself is a perfectly natural process we all go through, treatments like this help us do it as gracefully as possible.

Each session takes between 45 minutes to an hour. It involves deep skin cleansing, the application of black carbon cream, and laser therapy to reduce melanin production. The laser further removes impurities and damaged cells to reveal a softer, brighter complexion. To top it off, an aloe vera serum infusion/mask is applied to calm your post-facial skin.

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Credits: Photos by Erika Gue.

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