One surefire way to perfect skin is to exfoliate, and exfoliate often. But when your skin requires serious help, your humble bathroom scrub just won’t cut it. Sometimes, you need a little something extra. And that’s where a diamond peel—with double the exfoliating properties!—comes in. A single session swiftly deals with layers of dry patches and legions of plugged-up pores, giving you instantly smoother skin.

Below, find 3 diamond peels available all over the metro! These will get your face silky and spotless in an hour or under.

THE FACIAL: Diamond Peel
THE CLINIC: Skinplicity (Quezon City)
Dry patches making your face look meh? This 30-minute diamond peel will get your glow back. It’s pretty straightforward, but it gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

The true power of this treatment lies in the use of a diamond-encrusted wand. After your face is slathered with glycolic lotion to smoothen the skin, the wand uses a small vacuum to pick up any dead cell buildup. Basically, it sucks up and sloughs off leftover dirt. By the end of the session, your face will look fresh and flake-free. It’s great for pimply skin, too!

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THE FACIAL: Signature Facial + Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion
THE CLINIC: Aryana Aesthetic Center (San Juan)
For smoother, bouncier skin in a jiffy, look no further than this 60-minute treatment. It helps boost the collagen in your skin and simultaneously encourages the growth of new cells. The treatment covers a facial and a diamond peel, so you really get the bang for your buck.

The Aryana diamond peel isn’t just your ordinary peel, mind you. This one’s designed for sensitive skin. The diamond peel machine uses 100% pure hypoallergenic diamond tips for incredibly gentle yet thorough exfoliation. The result: soft, radiant skin that doesn’t sting.

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THE FACIAL: AHA Fruitpeel Facial + Diamond Silk Skin
THE CLINIC: Finessa Aesthetica (Timog, Katipunan, and Parañaque)
Bring life back to a lackluster face with this ultimate exfoliating treat. It uses two types of exfoliation, chemical and physical, to “makeover” your skin. The chemical peel involves potent fruit acids, while the physical involves a gentle microdermabrasion device.

First, your skin is prepped with the Neostrata Glycolic Solution to loosen up deep-set comedones. Then, these blackheads and whiteheads are cleanly extracted, and hydrocortisone cream is applied to soothe the skin. Finally, the diamond peel is performed. Once your skin has been polished to perfection, you’ll feel like a smooth operator (swear). It’ll only take an hour!

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