These days, there’s a cream, serum, and oil for every kind of facial issue. But when it comes to body issues—well, your options become a little more limited. That doesn’t mean you should give up on body care altogether! No way—the skin is your largest organ and extends well below your neck. It protects you from UV rays, wards off germs, and soaks up all sorts of nutrients that your body benefits from. You need to take care of your skin so it can take care of you.

Begin your body-lovin’ journey with the basics! A nourishing lotion is one; a trusty sunscreen another. And the most underrated yet essential of all: a great scrub. These gentle, textured exfoliators will keep your pelt soft and reveal your natural glow. We’ve listed down a few by Skin Revolution below.
We all know about keeping our hands clean to stave off bacteria. But there just isn’t enough talk on keeping them healthy. Whether we’re using them for handshakes or hand-holds, our palms say a lot upon first touch. Naturally, you want them to be as silky and refined as possible. Next time you wash them, reach for a hand scrub, too. It’ll buff away dry patches and file down callouses so you can put your best hands forward.

TRY: Skin Revolution Raspberry Gentle Hand Scrub, P205
Exfoliation shouldn’t be exclusive to your face. Throughout the day, the rest of your body picks up all sorts of dirt and grime, too. And it’s not enough to simply cleanse with soap! A heavy-duty rubdown will be needed to maintain that baby-softness. Make sure to slough away dead skin cells with a trusty, nutrient-rich scrub at least twice a week. It’s your one-way ticket to having bright, healthy-looking skin all over.

TRY: Skin Revolution Orange Vitamin C Body Scrub, P245
Since we rely on our feet to get us everywhere, you’d think we’d take better care of them. Unfortunately, our overworked trotters tend to be the most neglected parts of our bodies. Tsk tsk! Break this habit by exfoliating your feet once a week (don’t let it dwindle down to once a month, now!). A robust foot scrub should help with callouses, rough heels, and ashy soles. And when all else fails, girl, there’s always a foot spa.

TRY: Skin Revolution Peppermint Gentle Foot Scrub, P215

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